Google Maps 4.50 for iPhone - Download

Google Maps 4.50 for iPhone - Download

Google Maps makes a grand return to iOS

Google Maps, possibly the best mapping tool on the market (definitely better than Apple´s) is now available on iOS terminals after a small falling out which led to its disappearance from the App Store.

The app has all the features everybody knows, along with some new and interesting additions. You can search for addresses, places, companies or businesses in the simplest way possible. And best of all, you can synchronize the application with your Google account to get the exact same information on your phone and PC.

You can 'ask' the application to tell us the best route to a certain destination, using your chosen form of transportation. Whether you're going on foot, by taxi, on a subway or bus, Google Maps will show you the shortest route.

The application´s interface has been redesigned and optimized to make it even more comfortable and easy to navigate and use all its features. Additionally, the app has improved its performance and generally runs noticeably smoother. Google Maps is an indispensable application for iOS users. Not only is it the best mapping tool, but it acts as the definitive A-Z for any city.

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