Hello Pal 4.1.1 for iPhone - Download

Hello Pal 4.1.1 for iPhone - Download

Learn how to speak any language naturally, without studying

HelloPal is a noteworthy app that can help you learn the basics of any language in just a few minutes, whether its Chinese, French, or Japanese, to give just a few examples.

Using the filter in HelloPal, you can connect with users from other parts of the world who meet your criteria, that is, other users who want to learn your language and are willing to teach you their own language. The app lets you filter the results according to native language, nationality, location, and language you want to learn, among other options.

HelloPal includes its own Phrasebook integrated in the chat system that's specially designed for the development of online conversations. It's simple: just choose a phrase, listen to the audio recorded by a professional and repeat what you hear. This way, you learn the language through speaking, without the tedious work of studying individually.

In addition, you have more than 2,000 phrases organized into different categories and sections, many of them customizable to adjust to your personal situation. This way, you don't just repeat phrases like a parrot, but instead you'll learn for real, thanks to the helpful comments that accompany each phrase.

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