Minebuilder 1.14.3 for iPhone - Download

Minebuilder 1.14.3 for iPhone - Download

An alternative to Minecraft

Since it was released Minecraft, there has been many clones of it that emulate its mechanics and graphics and try to take some of its users on mobile platforms. And this Minebuilder is basically one of those more or less blatant copies of the hit game of Notch.

As expected, you can remove and place blocks of land at will, create a multitude of tools and buildings or fight various monsters. Of course you can also change the texture of the game packs to easily give you different aspects of graphics and online play with friends.

The game controls are quite comfortable, as you will have different buttons that let you place and beat blocks, as well there is a button dedicated to inventory and allows you to access different types of blocks.
Minebuilder Minecraft a moderately interesting alternative, if you do not leave the IOS platform. The mechanics are fun and works well, but it conveys the feeling is of being somewhat less refined than the original.

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