Path 6.9.3 for iPhone - Download

Path 6.9.3 for iPhone - Download

A new social network has been born

Path is a new social network that will allow you to have a kind of 'public' diary so that only your closest friends and family can see what you do or want to do.

When you woke up, where you go to work, what transportation you use ... These details can easily be share with Path. In addition, the applications supports pictures taken with the iPhone and includes a timeline, which certainly has a beautiful style.

If you are also connected to other social networks, which would be pretty normal today, you can also link Path with Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and Facebook, and include their links on your timeline as well.

The greatest strength of this social network on which you may have only a very small number of friends (only our closest nucleus) is the visual style of it. Its appearance is very well maintained and is intuitive. Also allows you to do everything easily.

Path is a different social network, aimed at another type of relationship different thanthat Twitter or Facebook, for example. However, you can get quite large of friends if you have acceptance among small circles of family and friends.

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