Sonic Dash 3.8.4 for iPhone - Download

Sonic Dash 3.8.4 for iPhone - Download

Sonic runs at high speed again on iOS

Sonic Dash is a Sonic platform game that uses a very similar gameplay to the one of the classic Temple Run to offer a frenetic experience where you need very good reflexes if you want to survive.

The game has all the traditional elements of the Sonic franchise, like the scenarios, that will turn out to be familiar to all the fans of the franchise; the power-ups, that will give you different skills; and the characters, where you will find Tails or Knuckles.

Thanks to the online rankings, Sonic Dash offers the possibility to challenge your friends through the Game Center. The only thing you have to do is play, mark your own record and send it to your friends so they can try to break it.

Graphically, Sonic Dash is a spectacular game, that not only has a very colored esthetic very typical for the franchise, but also with some exquisite character models and scenarios filled with details.

Sonic Dash is a platform game different from what Sonic normally is, but just as good. One of the best in its genre.

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