Streets of Rage 4.0.1 for iPhone - Download

Streets of Rage 4.0.1 for iPhone - Download

Kick butts in the middle of the street

Streets of Rage is a version of the classic Megadrive fighting game in which you choose one of three characters to use to clean up the streets of all kinds of bad guys.

The main adventure is made up of eight different levels full of tons of normal enemies, final bosses, different weapons to help you out, items to collect or destroy, and much more.

To help you out in your endless fight against your enemies, you'll have more than eighty different attacks and combos, which are especially useful when you're playing with a friend. The game supports bluetooth-based cooperative mode, a function that isn't used very much on iOS devices but is absolutely perfect for Streets of Rage.

Streets of Rage is one of the most fun action games around. The game was excellent when it was on SEGA's 16-bit console, and it is still entertaining thanks to controls perfectly adapted for touchscreen devices.

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