Wordpress 10.1.1 for iPhone - Download

Wordpress 10.1.1 for iPhone - Download

Manage and maintina your blog anywhere!

Wordpress is a simple application that will allow you to manage your blog hosted by Wordpress.

Unfortunately, the number of features you can do from this application is reduced to moderate comments (approve, mark as spam, or edit) and to create or edit entries, and create or edit blog entries, something that is not as much as you can do when accessing your blog from a computer.

The mechanics of this app although are very easy to use, everything you will need to do you can do with the touch of a finger, and whenever you have a strong connection to the internet it will work even faster!

Wordpress and a very useful app for the blog users that have their blogs hosted by Wordpress, although you cannot do as much as you can do on the computer, you can maintain it up to date.

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