Yuneec ST16 with Itelite Antenna

Yuneec ST16 with Itelite Antenna
Testing this new antenna, I was impressed with its performance. No loss of control or FPV during entire movie. Unfortunately, altitude and distance restrictions are set at the factory and I cannot change them as of yet. As soon as I can do it, I shall post a new video. Thanks for watching!

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  • Dave Everett
    Nice footage. Good luck with your YTH.
    Switch to angle mode it will allow greater distance and turn off the geofence. Height is still restricted though.
  • Brian Dressel
    You can change these using their app, downloadable from the support page on the Yuneec site. I changed mine, works great.
  • Yossi Amara
    How far did you go? what was your distance before with stock antenna provided by Yuneec?