FIFA 14 iPhone 5 iOS 7 GM HD Gameplay Review

FIFA 14 iPhone 5 iOS 7 GM HD Gameplay Review
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  • Uran Murtezaj
    can you give your appleid
    to install plz in pursached apps
  • TorresN111
    Last good fifa on mobile
  • Alain 456
    Amigo de donde lo descargaste?
  • Dariu Dariu
  • Ms Hossneara
    How old are you
  • Ms Hossneara
  • Ms Hossneara
    Like it very much
  • No Name
    Please resond to this: what I do in ultimate team here can my progress be saved when I play on xbox or ps3?? Please answer
  • Supreme Ryle
    You can change the controls.
  • Cesar Espinoza
    ´@Edgar Vazquez, por que le cambiaste el botón?
  • Gretchen Carlson
    you not doing controls right only 3 controls you know are sprint shoot and pass i'v played this game on my iPhone it's really easy
  • Clorox Bleach
    you can cgange controlles
  • Viraj Patel
    Look at my gameplay for fifa 14 xbox one and ps4 in my profile
  • Jerson Geico
  • Premton D
    add me premtoni771
  • Sunny Dhillon
    Add me Jatt4friends11
  • marcus lebron
  • Joan Ovalles
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    Add me on origin jobany369x
  • Ebube Modebelu
    Add me on origin iphone, let me beat your asses!! - Ebube15
  • starwars200999
    Omg xD
  • Raymond Chow men
    You fuck so much that's was. My iphone
  • Jimmy Page
    What a load of rubbish, get a console or pc if you want to play games.
  • Kyle Dimetri
    the fifa 14 on android and iphone looks way better than fifa 14 on psp
  • BlazeeO
    You are suppose to HOLD AND DRAG to move not FLICK that's how you shot the ball
  • Aboobs2
    Hi everyone, add me on origin - Ebube15. Let me whoop your assess! Add me Ebube15
  • AstroChannel98
    Fifa on iOS is the last shit on the earth
  • mitcham brand
    Add me on kik mitch brand for fifa 14 ios wagers and pink slips
  • Ben Fisher
    You can change the controls in the settings
  • Its Sid
    he doesnt know anything about fifa he doesnt even know who messi is or even know how 2 switch the controls
  • KingMessi♛
    u play fifa and dont even know who messi is?? kill urself
  • محمد العراقي
  • محمد العراقي
  • Tb fu
  • masterdev9
    Go to settings and Chang it
  • joe cook
    go to settings and u  can change contorlles  to mush easier sand give the  game a  try it get extremely fun when you do
  • Sbscrb4NoCntnt
    add me. W4NN4B33P1C
  • Serkan Coskun
  • Antonio Sepulveda
    Add me sadboytoni45 ! I'm good ,
  • jcks4569
    Does this game have champions league???

    I cant find it on tournament....
  • Random VibesXo
    His nAme is messi
  • Ayee Jiff
    The worse FIFA I played than any other I have played from 2011. Lots of disappointments and lots of randomisation by the development. I think overall it's gay that I can't play for my club except online matches and they've really fucked this one up for me. Gayest FIFA of all time and will remembered as the gayest for years to come.
  • Clorox Bleach
    You should download commentary.....
  • Young Marius
    Check out my most recent video on ultimate team help
  • Buy2Show
    Nice Videos i make fifa 14 iOS gameplays and more in German please subcribe me
  • Mihail Kleckaroski
    Let me ask u a question !
    If you buy full FIFA 14 (kick off,penalties..) And then delete it , and install it again . Will you need to pay again to unlock it full, or it will be automaticly unlocked ..(couse you have paid before..) ?? Answer real ! Thanks :)
  • YμH
    You can change the controls by going to settings and then you press controls and you can change it to classic if you don't like the touch
  • Malik Baker
    Like your mom
  • Muaaz Touqeer
    Add me bantoo2423
  • Tatty Blue
    fuck, iPhone 5s that's not the iPhone 5!