Yu Yuphoria USB OTG Test Part 2 With ES File Explorer

Yu Yuphoria USB OTG Test Part 2 With ES File Explorer
Micromax Yu Yuphoria USB OTG Test Part 2 With ES File Explorer On CM 12 with Android 5.0.2

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FINALLY GUYS! The "forever-waited" for feature has FINALLY come to YUphoria! And it's nothing other than the OTG Support in Yuphoria! =D It was the ONLY thing that was missing and finally it is

Disassembly Of YU YUPHORIA

Welcome to Tech Soultions and Today I wil be going to tare down the YU YUPHORIA For more videos Stay Subscribe Thank


  • Durgesh Patel
    Please do the audio quality test with inbox headset and other headset..

  • Ganesh J.
    Thnx,For clearing my doubt.....
  • Farhan Nadaf
    Can you try total commander with USB stick plug-in and share the test result?
  • Dhruv sharma
    Dude u r very fast