YUPHORIA Is Shutting Down With 10% Battery Left || Yuphoria Battery Issue Discussion

YUPHORIA Is Shutting Down With 10% Battery Left || Yuphoria Battery Issue Discussion
YUPHORIA Is Shutting Down With 10% Battery Left || Yuphoria Battery Issue Discussion.Hey guys sayan here and today i will talk about the yuphoria shutting down issue at 10% or 40% battery level though there is enough charge left in the device.Hope you will like this discussion type video.

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  • Sanju Kumar
    Maine v nya battery lagaya par kuchh nai huwa !
  • Mk Bhardwaj
    Link can't working
  • Manish Sindhu
    Plz bta bhai
  • Manish Sindhu
    Bhai mujko 9 din he hue h Lea hue 50% k baad off hojata h kya kru bhai
  • J Harsha
    In link, the items ( yuporia battery ) is not available. please give correct link to buy...
  • Vipin Kumar
    the best solution is to change the phone :)
  • Riyajul Khan
    yuphoria mobile konsa sabse Jyada problem hai jio ka address network nahi mil raha hai full problem ho raha hai ishq Jeet bhi nahi mil raha hai isliye Zindagi Mein Micromax ka
  • Jai Surya.904710
    only hardware battery ic problem..fed ...no software problems
  • sarihaddu
    Battery is fine. Don't get fooled by video. It is motherboard problem and service center changed it free of cost twice before warranty ran out
    This problem made by yourself.

    Firstly full charge of you battery from 0% to 100% and use till he reaches 0%. And then charge again 0% to 100%.

    Reapeat this step you will see some days later your phon battery is running good and no randomly shutdown issue.

  • ritesh poojary
    I installed Yu open OS. And after some weeks, it gave me this problem of shutting down. I even did a reset of my device, it worked well for few days but the problem came in again. Do you know how to install original cyanogenmod and delete this yu open os.
  • Rahul Sah
    Mujha new chahiya..
  • Dharampal singh panwar
    bro same problems ... and very fast drain battery
  • RK manjotra
    can u tell me , what custom rom and from where i should install if i still with problem with new battery also shutting down issue at 10%,20% 50%
  • vikas yadav
    brother is it authenticate
  • vikas yadav
    but I need it under. 500 like you buyed
  • vikas yadav
    give a working link plz hurry and rply
  • Bachelor Art's
    I change my battery but
    that's problems is on.... how to solve
  • Learn Tricks & Tips
    bro I have YU Yuphoria 5010A I am charging my phone at list 1 hr and after charging 70 % I remove charger .....and boot on phone after using 15 to 20 with net battery percent below 30% and after few min its automatically shot down at 0% and my phone has normal one not cyanogen.....
  • Harshit Kapila
    i bought an original battery form yu service center but problem is still there .
  • Abhishek Jogta
    bought new battery from eBay problem continued not I'm my device but also in my friends device. thanks eBay for refund and for optional return of battery. I think it is the shorting problem in yu devices. I've hacked mine with old Nokia battery(bl-5c) and direct supply on terminals. works well up to 1 hr and continuously on charging.
  • Cool Paul
    Bro i had changed by battery but still same problem 😟😟
    it doesn't work for me
  • neeraj Kumar
    my phone get shutdown automatically ,when battery is between 40-60% ,when using ,camera, youtube shareit mxplayer ,its almost 4 times a day as I am moderate user so I have to charge my phone 4 time a day ,so tell me is it only battery problem ? not software problem ? so is it Solved by changing battery
  • Vinod Balgotra
    bhosdi k chutiya na bna, new battery lga k b dekh liya, kuch nhi hua
  • karan malik
    bro i have changed 3 batteries still its not working it just shut down on 48'/•
  • Ketan adamkar
    Maine battery change ki par PBL abhi bhi h...15% par switch of ho jata h mobile
  • iND vELLA
    I did the same but this did not solve the problem what to do bro ,help me I am very need in help
  • mahesh talpada
    problem solve nahi hua
  • Akash Tech
    your choose link opend but this listing ended showing how to buy
  • Amogh Dwaithi
    all the links are not working please help!!!!!!!
  • Subash Rox
    the batteries are out of stock
  • j.christopher arun kumar
    I need to buy a battery original what is the cost where to buy
  • Satinder Singh
    What yours phone numbet
  • Prashant Yadav
    thank u but is the battery is original from purchasing it from amazon?
  • Amulya Shukla
    But I couldn't find any solution i want to be assure that on exchanging battery the problem willnot exist
  • Amulya Shukla
    i having same problem what if problem exists after changing battery ,i exchanged batteries of my friends yuphoria and mine one but still phone randomly shuts down at 20% and my battery was working fine without randomly shutting down in my friends phone .Sorry for long comment
  • Manoj Rawat
    bro are you sure it is not a hardware or software problem? coz few people told me it is a software problem that is why I was not buying new battery
  • siddhant jena
    finally someone made this type of video :) BTW I got a 2500 mah battery..but let me tell u something..its 2230 mah only..its just written 2500..I bought the battery from eBay for 400rs..should I get another one from ur link? I'm scared..losing money on these batteries :(
  • nikhil kapadane
    the 2nd link is not working(means not able to purchase) error says"this listing ended" not buy button.
  • vipul vats
    I have used 3 batteries till now ,,, bro what should i do now ?? Buy another one ?
  • Rahul Bisht
    is the new battery is of 2500 mah?coz eBay is showing in 2500 mah
  • Geeky Sayan
    if you are facing any kind of issues with the battery purchasing links..comment down below