Top 22 Best Offline Games For Android 2016

Top 22 Best Offline Games For Android 2016
Best High Graphics offline(Play without internet no WiFi needed) Games for Android & iOS just some games are not available for iOS.

Hello everyone brought you another offline list as you all know now I make a list of new offline Games every month as people I see always demand offline games so here it is hope you find some good to play also check out my other offline list if you haven't below are links:-
1) Top 10 Best offline games for Android part 1:-
2) Top 20 Best offline games for Android part 2:-
3)Top 20 Best offline games for Android part 3:-
4)Top 21 Best offline list games for android part 4:-
5)Top 22 Best offline Games For Android part 5:-

Following are game names and link i mentioned in the video:-
1)Red Bull Air Race 2(Free):-
3)All is Lost(Paid):-
4)Broken Dawn all(Free):-
5)Bullet Force(Free):-
6)Deus Ex Go(Paid):-
7)MMA Fighting Clash(Free):-
8)Combat Elite(Free):-
9)Reptide GP Renegade(Paid):-
10)Shadow Battle(Free):-
11)Major Gun 2 (Free):-
13)Soccer Star 2016(Free):-
14)Samurai Rise(Free):-
Actually I found it is stolen game from madfinger and its removed now so try the original its offline too
Samurai ll: Vengeance:-
15)Siberian Survival: Winter 2(Free):-
16)Stay With Us(Free):-
17)SBK16 The official Mobile Game(Free):-
19)Zombie Breakout: Blood & Chaos(Free):-
20)FIE Swordplay(Free):-
21)The Fear: Creepy Scream House(Free):-
22)Captain Sabertooth(Paid):-actually its not new but i have added it because it got like unnoticed and its actually a good game:-

Ingame songs:-
1)Jim Yosef- Pluto
2)Miza & Seum- Dero 
3)Janji- Falling Stars
4)Itro & Tobu- Cloud 9

Intro song:- Halvorsen She Got me Like.

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