Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet vs. PayPal

Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet vs. PayPal
Sharon Profis compares the security, ease of use and availability of some of the most popular mobile payment options.

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  • 514tv
    Wow google wallet sucks haha
  • Crafter 1515
    In Switzerland you can sie Apple Pay in every Shop.
  • FromLazinessToFitness
    0:48 Wrong. Apple Pay is supported by all NFC payé terminals 😎
  • Michael Taylor
    I know that this video is old, but you can now add the SE to the list of Apple Pay compatible Phones :)
  • TheModernAristotle
    CNET should do a video about Apple/Android/Samsung Pay (vs) Google Wallet (vs) Bitcoin (vs) CurrentC.
  • Denis Iusuf
    I sometimes use Moneymailme to send money to my friends.
  • Natalie Marie
    Awesome! I love you guys and I have learned so much.
  • MrOnifc
    Google refunded over 10 thousand dollars of money that I made off of my virtual private game, which supported the amount of money spent on programming/dedicated server fees/ddos protection/&& more. This happened in 2009. My account was opened on the 24th of March, and it was closed not even a month later. After the money was charged to the buyer, the virtual goods were delivered by a pincode system which allowed the user to enter the pincode in the game and receive the item they were buying. All of the goods had been delivered on the game, with no chargeback initiated to my account, which showed high customer satisfaction rates. I received an email from google telling me that my account had been closed, and all funds received from the 24th of March had been refunded to the buyer!! That was the day my account was created!! They had no right to refund all of this money when the items had already been delivered, virtual or not! They refused to cooperate with me about my account and why they had refunded all of the funds. I am still concerned about this issue and wonder if anything can be done. I have payment records of every transaction showing the system (e-junkie) used to process the payment & deliver the virtual goods.
  • storage nulnul
    actualy my fingerprint is verry easy to get your hand on
    if i had a million dollar and some people knew it was on my aple pay i would not trust my fingerprints on it...

    my 177bit pasword how ever
  • eddie young
    Wechat pay or alipay tops them all , no doubts ,
  • phis vlogs
    Some Asians don't use pay pass at some business to hide from tax
  • Baron Frazworth
    Watched this video to learn about the cost of using these various payment options (transaction fees, etc.)

    None of that was mentioned at all. Pretty bad.
  • Pilialoha Ching
    Free PayPal Money Adder Generator Online
  • Tony Anderson
  • Tenzin TSERING
    Cash is god for moment.Techno transaction still cant beat it.
  • Datuna Dadiani
    hey why not get galaxy 6s or newer so we can download samsung pay, android pay, google wallet, paypal. if one doesnot work in that store use another :)
  • MrDesiGamer
    we only take cash
  • EMMA
    I get how these things will be so hard to catch on in the US... contactless payment is so common in the UK that it will be such an easy transition in comparison
  • Steve
    Google mobile billing is now available in 45 major markets worldwide compared to just a handful for Apple. If you are traveling internationally, Google is WAAAAY ahead of Apple.
  • Steve
    Your information is NOT correct. Google Wallet is MUCH more secure than any other digital payment system. Google stores a customers credit card information in the cloud...when a customer uses Google Wallet, the charge goes to a GOOGLE CREDIT CARD, NOT directly to the users card. Once the merchant accepts the payment, then Google will in turn charge the user for the amount of the purchase. If anyone hacks the NFC or the Google Wallet transaction, they will only have access to GOOGLE'S credit card information...NOT the users. This keeps the users information and credit card account completely safe and secure.
  • Awesome1681
    Liars now we can have it on the 6, 6 plus , and se
  • Will EDWARDS
    The US is so far behind Australia! We have literally had paypass at 99% of places and everyone uses it. In the US so many places don't accept it.
  • doug morgan
    can I use the 6s plus with apple pay
  • jaerdna
    DO NOT.. DO NOT do google wallet. They closed my account for Fraud Activity that I said Yes that was me making those charges. Let me explain. I was traveling... I made some charges in another state. I also needed to put more money on the account. They said it was Suspicious Activity. I got an email that stated this information, and to send a copy of my drivers license and bank account statement. I did that and stated "Yes I made those charges".... Any other bank would release the hold.. The next email I got was "After reviewing your account .....decided to Close your account please use this link to request your money back... And we reserve the right to close your account for any reason per our terms....".. I was livid. I was in a different state and all my money was tied up in the Google Wallet. Never got a response back from people who made the final decision. Even though I had done request a customer representative link several times. RIP OFFS
  • StormFX
    Hey if your a nice guy donate me , sorry if im begging but it dosent need to be much atleast 50 cents and ill be very happy thanks bye bro :D
  • Oliver
    Great Video!
  • PokemonGamerEA
    Samsung Pay is copier
  • Steven Nix
    another way hackers will steal your info
  • Tha Q
    Samsung pay is about to shit on ALL of this.
  • Axell M
    Of course though, apples Apple Pay & wallet is way smoother. Everything's way smoother with iPhone. Samsungs are cool yeah but if you want long lasting phone that even if your iPhone is old will still get all these new features and updates .. Up to 4 generations old iPhones continue to be supported 😁while all these androids just be left in dust all glitchy and shit. Blah personal preference from experience
  • ConceptVBS
    Works virtually everywhere NFC's (Apple Pay, Android Pay) dont work.

    Samsung Pay = NFC + Magnetic= WIN
  • Johnpaul Chang
    where do I get the google wallet?
  • Aaron McCully
    You guys should check out Samsung pay! leaps and bounds better than Apple pay or Google wallet.
  • Stancho44
    Things that most android devices can do that apple can't

    Note: most of these might be useless for you I'm just saying so dont reply me that's stupid
    And I don't have an iPhone so don't blame me if the information is not 100% correct
    And if my information is incorrect the reply to me

    1. Send any type of file instead of just photo, video with Bluetooth

    Sending any type of file might be useful because let's say you have a power point and you need to send it to your friend to edit and you don't have much data left to send to cloud the send it via Bluetooth or NFC

    2. Have a removable back cover to replace battery or a micro sd card to expand slot

    Having a removable back cover can help because you don't need to wait for your phone to fully charge you can just pop another battery In and you will be charge and having a micro sd slot can help for storing more files and if you need more the just copy and paste to your new micro sd card

    3. Using your phone like a flash drive

    You can use your phone like a flash drive to store files

    4. Using your phone as a wireless card

    Lets say that your Ethernet cable (internet cable)broke and you don't have a spare cable the use you phone as a wireless card just connect to your wifi and use USB tethering.
    Note: turn off your data incase your wifi goes down and waste your data

    5. Otg (on the go)

    Otg is a cable that act like an USB lets say that you have and flash drive but you don't have an computer nearby or unavailable the just use your android it can read most USB device like flash drive, wired piano, charging other phones, and even controllers

    6. Apps are use less space on devices than apple

    Android compress most apps so they don't use a lot of space

    7. More customization

    7a. Settings

    You can find many different setting in different devices like turning off your camera in the lock screen so your friends don't spam bunch of useless photos or make a text appear on the lock screen or changing the GPS to only use wifi or data to save power or just use GPS for a bit accurate location and save data or even both for most accurate data

    7b. Camera

    You can record with lower quality to save space or record with an filter. You take photos with location tags which record where you are when you took the photo

    7c. Contacts

    You can put where someone lives and when you search the person name then it pops their name and the address

    8. Maps

    Google maps automatically save where you been most and set that as your home and where you went as your work. You can even rename a place and search it later and street view have a sensor when you tilt the device the you can look around

    9. Emulators

    There are many emulators on google play store while you have to go to a third party website to get one on the iPhone
  • Henry Chaisritha
    Apple pay interface looks way cooler than the boring google wallet.
  • Rob Kahla
    all irrelevant now that samsung added MST. No more looking for tap and pay icons, or certain stores/shops that support it, if it has a credit card reader, MST works
  • Dirk Diggler
    And before long they will be implanting you with chips. Dispute it all you like, it could be a coinsidence or most likely the truth, but we are entering the days of the Mark of the Beast. No person with out the mark, rich or poor, will be able to buy or sell without the mark.
    It's in scripture, and very old. Long before Sci fi existed. You decide, but my mind is made up.
  • Ariel Jersey Jr
    I can't even use my Google Wallet because Philippines. All the store here doesn't even know or have Google Wallet. But when I went in Japan last year I can use it all day long. Its a breeze than carrying a lot of cards and its much safer.
  • Matt Robb
    google is bringing out a new payment system android pay and it is going to work on every single machine everywhere even machines with old terminals because android have the ability to transmit magnetic waves and can trigger the magnetic stripe reader on terminals
  • Angrut
    Just used Apple pay its so cool!!
  • AppleTechLikes
    Apple pay RULES the payment industry
  • stvan gtierrez
    Apple sucksssssss! Google has better things. Go away iSheeps!
  • Joshua Block
    Google Wallet has a tamper issue i just heard it if you factory reset it will disable google wallet forever.
  • Center for NFC Management
    Ein schöner Beitrag über das Thema 'Sicherheit' (Secure Element vs. HCE vs. PayPal) bei Mobile Payment
  • SkateDoctorBob Davis
    Get rid of the Ads!
  • AuraSphere999999
    Apple pay and google wallet
  • Max Post
    I found more than just all the stores listed on the website work Home Depot bed bath and Bodyworks Toys "R" Us Brookstone Starbucks and bear workshop at our local mall
  • Pete Nicholson
    Apple Pay will change the way we pay for things. And before you say 'Google Wallet is better/older/on more phones' remember Google hasn't been pushing it as a major feature of Android. Thanks to Apple, it will, meaning marketing will be directed at both iPhone and Android customers, and adoption of both will rise.