No Zombies Allowed v1.6 - Boss Battle: Jackknife

No Zombies Allowed v1.6 - Boss Battle: Jackknife
Here's the boss battle that BooYah! has added to No Zombies Allowed.  The first time I got to play against the boss I happened to have a mercenary on hand.  I'm still trying to figure out how we'll be able to earn Z-bucks during supply runs... I thought it would be during the boss battle, but instead BooYah! is still obsessed with thinking 25,000 coins is somehow a meaningful amount of coins--my current buildings cost around 6,500,000 coins.

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  • FireLordYT
    I miss this game ;C
  • playing plant vs zombies 2
  • playing plant vs zombies 2
  • he37he
    Now I know where u live
  • Anne-Charlotte Schiko
    What is a merc is that a another guy