Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell- Mission: Take A Break

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell- Mission: Take A Break
Getting a new weapon


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  • TSH Techs
    16k+ views lol. I thought im the only one struggling to find that damn chair lol.
  • Mrsavage ftw
    600 subs
  • Wassabi Juice is a logangster
    Thx bro
  • Devil dog
    It dosn't let me sit down
  • 4EverGamer X
    over 11,000 views!
  • Shade
    How many missions?
  • Vanessa Rollins
  • 4EverGamer X
    over 9,000 views!
  • PowerKilla
    omfg finally ty man
  • محمد الحربي
    any buddy came here because he played the game for free on ps plus and didnt find the stupid chair
  • BodofLegend
    this was a funny ass quest lol. am I the only one that thinks they shit the bed with this addon? it seems like theres hardly any story at all. just a SHIT LOAD of misc quests and challenges. and even on reelected they put way too much effort in the misc crap.. I ONLY have the challenge king trophy left
  • Glide The Hybrid
    Thanks I could not find it anywhere lol
  • 4EverGamer X
    1,000 views! Goodness gracious!
  • Thatcher Evans
    I had to watch thia vid to fond out
  • 4EverGamer X
    So many views on this vid. Guess a lotta people needed to find the armchair-ageddon, lol"😎