Disassembly of YU YUREKA smartphone

Disassembly of YU YUREKA smartphone
Finally the ZEUS of smartphone has been disassembled 
To buy this device: http://goo.gl/a9iAAg
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  • suresh rathod
    How to open back cover for yu yureka black
  • Farin Rizvi
    bro i jut dismantled my yureka but only removed the screws and lifted that black cover and put it back.Now when I pressed the power button and it just stays on the bootanimation
    plz rply.
  • Pranab Upadhyay
    Sir plz upload a video of disassembly of yu yureka black
  • Indian Comedy
    Plx make replacement video of charging port
  • Arun d
    Can u make a video about yu black teardown
  • pankaj solanki
    yar maine middle body ki take hta di koi dikt hogi kya
  • Vipul Rathod
    where is network LTE chip in yu yureka?
  • Arvind Kumar
    my rear camera of yu yureka AO5510 is not autofocusing.
    running on 7.1.1 ressurection remix rom.
    plz help
  • Shashi Sharma
    I have the same phone but actually it not starting can you tell me what may be possible
    they say new mother board is required
  • Hemesh Kumar
    my mobile charging symbol is showing but it's not get charged....
  • Rishabh jain
    where's ringer IC ??
    my yu yureka is just rebooting again and again after flashing the quark OS.
    what to do?
  • Rajesh Nayak
    recently I changed my display after which I am getting weak signals. any fix for this?
  • Arnab Mondal
    Can mic be changed? Caller cant listen my voice.. Voice recorder is recording no voice
  • Arnab Mondal
    Can mic be changed? Caller cant listen my voice.. Voice recorder is recording no voice
  • Akhilesh Choudhary
    bro plzzz tell how to replace antenna of yureka
    brother is it possible for replacing proximity sensor?
  • Satish Chander Vaish
    hi brow my yu yureka phone become dead during charging please give tips & a video that i over come this fault
  • Rajendra STENO
    my yureka screen is broken i have repair chanj the screen plese help i take advance payment my cell no 9414494025
  • Daksh Kumar
    i have broken my yureka sim card slot pin while changing sim cards ... can it be repaired or fixed without changing the whole motherboard ?
  • rohan bhardwaj
    bro can you make a video for gps fix on the board with copper wire
    nice video... gud one
  • Vinay Vandana D
    can u please tell were and how to apply thermal paste for this device, as its getting too hot...
  • Sri Hari
    make a video on how to replace a new screen on yureka
  • D- Series
    ha bro cum make a video on how u install fingerprint sensor on yureka
  • Sumit Taneja
    next video u should make for changing glass
  • Sumit Taneja
    Was helpful..thanks👌
  • Shashi Kumar
    Is that a Tempered glass or screen guard? If that is TG, could you please provide me the buying link..?
  • ABHI FlaMe
    The question is

    Oh yea you can recover from hard brick