Ontari Songs - O Maare O Maare - Gopichand, Bhavana - HD

Ontari Songs - O Maare O Maare - Gopichand, Bhavana - HD
Directed : B.V. Ramana
Produced : Pokuri Babu Rao
Written  : B.V. Ramana
Starring : Gopichand,Bhavana,Ali,Sunil,Ashish Vidyarthi,Sayaji Shinde
Music    : Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari
Editing  : Goutam Raju
Distributed : Ee Taram Films
Release  : February 14, 2008
Country  :      India
Language : Telugu

Vamsi (Gopichand) lives with his family. Vamsi's father is Muddu Krishna Rao (Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao), an affluent sari mandir owner. Vamsi's friends are Sunil & Rajiv, an MLA. Vamsi falls in love with Bujji (Bhavana) at first sight but she doesn't see him. One day, Bujji meets Mr. Rao & his family, except for Vamsi, who then overhears his family talking to her, discovers that Buji is an orphan and stays in a hostel. Vamsi goes to the hostel and pretends to be a CBI Officer because he wants to talk to Bujji. To make a funny twist, he called Sunil and made him pretend as his assistant. After a while, Vamsi's family finds out that Vamsi & Bujji love each other. Bujji doesn't have any knowledge that Vamsi is related to Muddu Rao and at the same time, his family also finds out that he is pretending to be a CBI Officer. Vamsi reveals to Bujji that he's not a CBI Officer and became mad at him because he lied about it. Bujji then doesn't believe that he loves her and stops talking to him. The next day, Vamsi tries to talk to Bujji but ran over to Rajiv and asked him to tell Vamsi to leave her alone. Bujji doesn't have any knowledge about Vamsi's connection to Rajiv but secretly,he was happy because his friend loves Bujji. Rajiv made a scene to "arrest" Vamsi by his security guard just to please Bujji as she leaves with her friend, but behind her knowledge, everything was just a play for the friends. While Rajiv & Vamsi were talking, Veeraju tries to shoot Rajiv. Vamsi saves Rajiv's life when the bullet goes into his shoulder as Veeraju escapes. A few minutes later, Panda & his friends are being mean to Bujji & her friend. Vamsi beats up Panda & his friends and defended Bujji as she fell for him again.
Panda's brother is Lal Mahankali (Ashish Vidyarthi), a gangster and two of his henchmen are Veeraju & Raghu. Lal sends a group of men including Panda & Veeraju to locate Vamsi. During the night, Vamsi & Bujji go to his house to celebrate her birthday. Bujji then discovers that Vamsi is in fact related to Muddu Rao as his father and to Rajiv & Sunil as his friends. At the beach, Vamsi talks to Bujji and they see Panda & his henchmen. Vamsi tells Bujji to escape as he fights Panda & his henchmen. When Vamsi goes to Lal's residence,he tells them to back off. Vamsi leaves as the furious Lal still wants to get revenge. Lal & Raghu then talk to Rajiv and offers him money for him to betray Vamsi. Rajiv refuses to accept the money and at the same time refuses to betray his friend. Vamsi & Bujji went back to his family's house and was welcomed by his happy family when they heard that Vamsi wants to marry Bujji. They have decided that their engagement will take place at the temple. But when they arrived at the temple, Vamsi realizes that Lal, Panda, & their henchmen kidnapped Bujji. Vamsi then goes to Lal's hideout and fights Lal & his henchmen. It so happens that Panda wants to molest Bujji but Vamsi saw them. Before he could go on, somebody stabbed him from behind. It is revealed that Rajiv stabbed Vamsi because Lal promised to make him a minister and stabbed him two more times. Lal & Veeraju are beating up Vamsi and Panda molesting Bujji, and just a few moments later, Veeraju decides to molest her as well. Bujji runs to escape but falls off a rock building. Vamsi & Bujji were unconscious after the fall. When Vamsi wakes up, he realizes that Bujji is still on the ground, motionless. Vamsi tried to wake her up but she is going to die soon. When Vamsi carries Bujji, he accidentally trips. Then Vamsi's family with Sunil finds the two on the ground both unconscious. At the hospital, Vamsi's family & Sunil find out the hurtful fact that Bujji is dead. When Vamsi wakes up,he sees Bujji but he doesn't know that he is in the state of hallucination. Nobody tells him about Bujji's death because he might die too. His family together with Sunil finds out that Rajiv backstabbed Vamsi and everyone managed to escape. Vamsi and his family moved out of their house as his father closes his businesses and started to live in another house. After 2 months later, Vamsi disappears.

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  • Anzer Anze
    i love u bhavana
  • ronald Regan
    Bhavana pundaila en sunniya vitu mulaiya aluthanum