How to Send Mobile Payments (PayPal)

How to Send Mobile Payments (PayPal)
Want to know how to send mobile payments quickly and easily? Send money almost anywhere in the world in seconds with the PayPal App for Android. This video shows how to manage all the ways you send, spend, and receive at a glance. It’s all here.

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  • Greg H
  • 山 ωαяzσиє 山
    Worst app ever! Just takes money from people.
  • Chandra Ananta
  • BukuruLT- 123
    How I am supposed to sign up cuz I don't know my address and my city I go to even I can't do number
  • ParArdua
    It DOES NOT work as easily as this. This is a dream sequence.
  • Leon Duncan
    If you receive some money on Paypal is it possible to transfer to "Any" kinds of bank accounts?
  • Fixtir
    I send money to my friend and it said the transaction was no longer available. Please help
  • oscar barahona
    sue been to-do Esta love saga a in de mocha's dude Buenos y malas
  • Dennis Kampien
    You know what is better than Paypal? Moneymailme. Its instant and has no fees. Check it out.
  • 林蛋大
  • DogeGamerHD
    anyone who donate me from 5-100 USD will get 1k back in next 24hours this is not a scam i give away donations every monday-friday then on weekend i buy 1 million and then just donate again [WARNING: Dont donate over 100$ Otherwise other users wont get 1k money cause u will overload/finish server moneys!] LINK FOR DONATING : } or just click my channels donation button { WIN NOW this giveaway is valid until 21/05/2017 so check out and earn 1k $ each and every day with my giveaway [ battaries not included :P LOL ignor that batteries thing :¬/ ] SPONSORED BY: Earn Money With GiveawayZ!
  • peter titan
    carefull paypal can access your accounts they tried it with my bank account and were unsuccessful I got it back after I contacted my bank.THEIVES
  • minatormyth
    Seriously paypal are scumbags. Beware.
  • Ammir Shabbier
    hi friends any one tel me i want to make my interface in paypal and not show the paypal interface in my app
    is it posible
  • Meister Yune
    I have a few question. Do you need a balance in your PayPal to transfer money?
  • Sa Ra
    Be carefull with PayPal. They owe me a money and still have some excuse
    why they cant give back to me. First I was laundering money. Second my
    adress was not actual and now they blocked my request. No answer.... I
    have there money from Aliexpres from goods which I sent back, only! I
    sent them all the documents.....they dont care....Please cancel your account how soon is possible. Stay safe...
  • Alom Android Channel
    i have problem not create paypal new account open
  • Java
    I have a problem: It says my payment was declined or couldn't be made at this time. I have confirmed my email and everything. I use credit cards and tried both of them
  • Royce Terrence
    Im getting a issuers when i send a money to my friend that ( we're sorry but we can't send your payment right now PayPal ) any one faced this problem , next step what shall we do ? quick response Pls ???
  • •ʍᎶレ•lΣǥƹɲȡ -Agαяισ
    The app keeps crashing on me
  • Anjith Sasindran
    Mobile app looks great. I always wonder why most of the banking applications look so stupid. This one definitely blows everyone out of the league, at least in app quality.
  • Black White
    send money supported any country
  • Abderrahim Khalek
    What about NFC support?
  • Professor Yasuo
    Is there anyway to transfer mobile money to paypal account???
  • Wilmer Casanova
    nice so nice very nice
  • Cryptonic Games
    it says my friends paypal wont accept payments from this type of bank can anyone hell
  • flashzonephoto
  • Aqua Gaming
    can somwhone transwer to me like 100$ plz xD
  • Electronicgamefreack 1421
    How do you even sign up PayPal
  • Dharmendra Savaliya
    How can i add money to paypal from an indian bank ?
  • melokid99
    who pays 50 for someone coming over.. hmmmm
  • Dinamico Studio
    Hello, I Want to add my Payoneer Bank Account and card on Paypal please help me ...
  • Crystal Hydrick
    I've read 'of the nightmares.'
    How do I go to wallet?
  • Tammy Stevens
    İ have had a business account with PayPal since the 31 st of march ,i can not get a dime of my money from PayPal i say this iş not Good at all you are suppose to be able to send money atomaticaly from PayPal account to PayPal account , well a payment i made still hasnt went threw in 24 hours now .
  • Juan Lopez
  • DC9848
    Looks great guys! I like the "thank" feature. Does it support NFC payments?