Top 10 Best Darkest Anime Ever

Top 10 Best Darkest Anime Ever
Decided to come back to doing Top 10. Hope you still like them I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out! 

Massive thanks for my buddies participation in my outro, check them out they're amazing!:
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For those still wondering about my accent : i'm French Canadian :) my English is not perfect but it has to do. ^^
► Song: Lala - +REVERSE. Make sure you support the official artist by getting their original content!

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Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons.

The thumbnail is from Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack. The scene happens half-way through the movie and in the video it's at 1:30

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  • Lala ✿
    thanks for using my cover!!! I got excited when I heard myself in the beggining ☆

    some of your subscribers left me some nice comments and also thanks to them I got to know a nice youtuber ' v ' keep it up ☆
  • hennaikimono
    You mentioned Petite Cossette, the soundtrack and art was great in that one. I love that OVA series
  • Unorthodox-ed 2.0
    “Dogs can’t talk”......or can they🤔 DUM DUMM DUMMMMM!!!!!
  • Unorthodox-ed 2.0
    “Dogs can’t talk”......or can they🤔 DUM DUMM DUMMMMM!!!!!
  • FullDemiurge
    Now and Then, Here and There not on this list? You lack Vitamin A(nime).
  • Konipaca
    waste of time :v
  • 4ry Van Java
    Why Blood anime not in the list
  • 0mega Zer0
    #9 to me is Akuma No Riddle with the magic curse element.
  • Genocider Chrome
    i still love "impale" better than +reverse😂😂
  • Jason Woelfel
    I thought this was going to be some tenticular porn
  • ZeketheZealot
    th wei you prnownse werds rely mayks mai hed hert.
  • wdkaye
    Shigurui and Texhnolyze are suuuuuper dark. You could watch either one of those, then watch Oldboy, and be uplifted by Oldboy.
  • JakeObnial
    For a moment there I thought you wouldn't include Shinsekai Yori, which is severely underrated, very deep, and usually omitted. Actually, it made me feel for the "antagonist" (Squealer). I am sad Monster didn't have a seat in the top ten, but I am happy it was mentioned. Anyway, I like the list :) Oh, and you could've mentioned that hyper violence in Shigurui and how INCREDIBLY detailed the body parts are. Elfen Lied doesn't even stand a chance in terms of gore and artistic detail hahaha!
  • Gene Pozniak
    He really underrated Technolyze. It's a super existential sci-fi nightmare. Loved it. Also great opening theme by Juno Reactor! :-)
  • Mordant221
    Your voice makes me wanna punch you in the face, great list though.
  • MingTuck Chung
    Damnit why do they all have weird names.
  • Pablo Pinkwave
  • Zman95 Freejucee
    Now that ending! That was actually funny shit! You finally made me laugh after like 60 videos. Bravo you just kept trying.
  • Rime Nayr
    You Just Forgot Berserk.
  • dadevi
    STFU. There's no Gantz on this list. You try to insult others by trying to sound cool, but you just sound like a wannabe with that horrible accent.
  • Fifi •
    shinsekai yori? isn’t that the one with water children or w/e? (WOW great description ik)
    i thought that was a romance lol maybe i am thinking of something completely different
  • Fifi •
    you’re french? holy shit your english is amazing.
    also i couldn’t finish aku no hana. like you said t’s not because it was scary, it just made me so uncomfortable
  • Brekner Catalin
    The one with the fish is a fucking masterpiece. It's so disturbing and gross!
  • Senpai Zac
    Aku no hana is a great manga but the anime is absolute trash!
  • TheMetalhead89
    I have to admit, Another and Higurashi both freaked me out hardcore, but they were amazing.
  • Matthew Henry
    Akame ga kill is a little dark lol, guess it wasn’t dark enough to earn a spot on this list tho
  • tormentedwallflower
    how is higurashi (when they cry) not on this list bruh what
  • AzTechz Gaming
    ugh I'd like Kuzu no Honkai to be considered as a dark anime :3
  • Chris Guzman
    i just rewarded myself
  • brian anderson
    I've never even considered watching Anime.  Your channel has really piqued my interest, I'll think I'll start.
  • Hexi TV
    So far magical girl site us quite dark
  • Dedi Gaming
    I know I'm waaaay late to the party here but Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) is AWESOME. I need to finish it
  • iahast lee-demetrius
    the gyo movie was shit i dont know why they strayed from the manga
  • deathstrike
    Deathnote should of been added
  • UnoriginalGrimm
    There was a Gyo anime? Doesnt even look like Junji Itos original
  • Love Debby
    I'm I the only one who thinks ergo whatever #2 is boring? Cuz EVERYONE seems to like it
  • bernard noel
    top darkest anime ever? maybe for a barbie community... how lame
  • Ben McConnon
    Shigurui is easily the best anime there. Made me want to read the epic.
  • Alex Gentry
    No Legend of the Overfiend? By far darkest EVER
  • bfia93
    this video sucks
  • ShciiOsaurus OwO
    I read the Gyo manga...oh boy, worse then the anime
  • Satrio Rama
  • simon gilliard
    aku no hana should be read
  • Yandere Alchemist
    Wait a minute. What about Hellsing? 😡
  • Peroxydisulfate
    Where is TOKYO GHOUL ????????
  • Peroxydisulfate
    Most Dankest Anime Ever ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ラウレンティウ
    Where is God Eater?
  • Charis Gower
    You should try to watch the anime king game that's mest up
  • PinkieX3
    You missed a great one in my opinion ^^ Gakkougurashi which seems like a cute twist on a zombie apocalypse and takes an extremely dark turn. one of my fave animes too :D