problems in yu yuphoria touch

problems in yu yuphoria touch
censor of yu yuphoria is worst as compared to Mi
sometimes it respond sometimes not
touch of yu is also not appreciable as it stop working automatically without any external damage

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Yu Yuphoria Touch Problem - Solution

This is the first time i am seeing this problem in my yuphoria I installed the first bug fixing ota update almost a week ago I never saw this problem before that update. Major Problems In Yuphoria

yu yuphoria multi touch problem fixed

official firmware is 615 mb cyanogen os is 36 mb you can download other cyanogenmod for yuphoria and also you want to download gapps for cyanogenmod and if you don't know how to flash these files


  • Raj Kumar
    This is also my problem
    Please solve it
  • osama islam
    bhai problem sahi kaise hogi
  • Joyesh
    same here
  • sagar bharama
    Hiii sir how to slove this problems
  • Anshul Rawat
    this is the link to get required info for ur problem
  • Anshul Rawat
    brother i just contacted their service centre and they replced my handset
  • Hassan Mohamed
    hi bro
    did you solve the problem? if yes how? thanks
  • Raj Mali
    my yuphoria was also having same problem but some how i managed to get it solved by myself
    just open the back panel covering camera and carefully remove the motherboard by removing its all 3 strip cables 1 on left side 1 on right side and 1 at bottom of board and carefully remove the silver sticker covering touchpad strip socket and remove this and clean this socket with small painting brush, thats all you need to do .
    assemble every thing properly and very carefully , thats all you need to do and your problem will be solved.
    in my case it got solved
  • Amal raj
    yeah! the same problems happens to me! any idea how to fix this ?
  • Prakhar Sharma
    same area not working :(