How to Write a Great Song | Songwriting Workshop

How to Write a Great Song | Songwriting Workshop
Are you a songwriter looking to write the next big worship song?  Listen closely as Don shares the essentials on how to write a great song from his 30+ years of experience as a songwriter and worship leader.  Want to learn more about Songwriting?  Check out our Songwriting Workshop playlist here:  New videos posted every week!  Subscribe today so you never miss a video:

What is the Don Moen Masterclass Series?
The Don Moen Masterclass Series features in-depth teaching and training from Don's 30+ years of experience as a Worship Leader, Songwriter and Vocalist.  Also included in the series are the Electric Guitar Workshop, Bass & Drums Workshop, Auxiliary Keyboard Workshop, Worship Band Workshop and Sound Engineering Workshop. 

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  • jose alvarado
    Hola estimado Don Moen podra poner sus videos con titulos en español de favor
    Dios le bendiga
  • Acharich Speaks
    Great videos Sir.. Thank u for taking the time to make these.. One thing though.. It feels like u are often straining when singing these new songs, as though u are singing outside ur vocal range or need to adjust ur singing technique.. Not sure whether it's that u should sing in a lower octave or use ur chest voice instead, but I think one / both of those will sound much stronger & more powerful..? - @acharich
  • Barnabas Pandit
    I am really blessed by learning from you Don looking forward to hear more
  • Lovely Salandino
    thank you so much brother! God bless you
  • Ingrid Phillip
    I wrote my first song almost 10 years ago, after watching a Bio on an amazing singer. I didn't understand what God was doing in my life, when He said the song it not for you but the singer, I tried for almost 6 months trying to hand over to the singer, but no one would listen to me. once I gave up. The when on to bless me with more meaningful songs blessings others. thanks for the encouragements.
  • mark concil
    Thank you sir it helps me alot God Bless
  • lord desuza
    now i learned to write down my Godly thoughts/thats where its starts.thank you Man of God......God richly bless you.
  • lord desuza
  • miraaci 14
    "let your words of truth rise above all the noise" that's for me, straight from the lord... bless you Sir for being the vessel that God used to get the message to me.
  • Patti Rody
    Thanks for being so candid and human. It gives hope to all upcoming songwriters. How great that you are sharing your experience and knowledge, Don. Love the new song, look forward to hearing it at its completed state.
  • Paettha Sik Horvejkul
    AMEN! i am excited to hear the full song. :) such a good food for everyone's soul. God bless us all!
    God continue to strengthen your as you bless people with your worship...
  • Don Nuam
    Thanks alot. You are very lovely as always. May God bless you.
  • Naa Mercy Sinclear
    thanks....i always keep a journal and they're soo helpful.

    I just stared writing and I'm amazed how the songs just pour out...