Typhoon h came back from yuneec with modified s16 controller with 3 antennas

Typhoon h came back from yuneec with modified s16 controller with 3 antennas
S16 controller modified with 3 antennas best drone ever

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  • Gary Mayo
    What Box?
  • Christian Bursby
    thank you
  • Christian Bursby
    yes I love the customer service had GPS problems with mine just sent mine in today they're going to send me a whole new one can't wait to get it back had the same problem with SD card to still trying to figure it out
  • Chris Brumbaugh
    Yuneec has treated me great, they're sending me a toggle assembly, mine are FUBAR :)
    no hassle ever, I love this company and, mine is first edition and I feel.like it's inches from perfect... inches.

    I have some camera issues and it really seems to be tied to the SD card, I've had this camera return home spinning in every direction and it never records the event.
    one time I had video on the controller but, not on the SD card.
    when I first got the H I had a hard time with the card being recognized by the controller, and I lost a pile of footage when a card got corrupted.

    other than that, this thing is awesome!
  • Christian Bursby
    I have the warranty still. l sent it into yuneec hopefully they do the antenna mod that's what I love about yuneec if you have a problem they fix it with no hassle
  • chauncey Black
    Get on Carolina drones.com and order them 2.4 antennas for the drone. It's tight. It flights better
  • Christian Bursby
    yeah took it out for a flight and almost crashed it started drifting and flying all over the place so I called yuneec up and they want me to send it back in so hopefully they fix it
  • Dave Upton
    I just had my entire H replaced under warranty. ST16 issues, range issues, gimbal issues, CGO3 issues. It was one of the original releases. They did make a number of changes to the copter itself. Now instead of stubs of wire poking out for the antennas they actually installed visible antennas that articulate up and down with the landing gear. They beefed up the landing gear as well. I think it is the next best thing to the aftermarket kit that Carolina drones sells. I just received mine back and have flown four flight batteries through it. It is a winner this time. My original came back from Yuneec with unresolved issues/repairs so I sent it back and they sent me the new in box one. I hope you don't have range issues with the antennae being left inside the shell.