10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of November 2017

10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of November 2017
We go through thousands of iOS & Android mobile games every month to bring you the best ones money can buy.
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Football Manager Touch 2018 
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $19.99

Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

Runic Rampage
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $4.99

Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $14.99

Neverending Nightmares
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $3.99

Game Dev Tycoon
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $.99

Platform: iOS Android
Price: $2.99

GRID™ Autosport
Platform: iOS , Android [2018]
Price: $35.99

Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

Million Onion Hotel
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $3.99

Monument Valley 2

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  • Trisoz
    how does he get his voice this deep!!?!?!
  • Gustavo Alcántara
    All shitty games...
  • Gage Games
    Game dev tycoon costs 4.99 not .99
  • Trizz Life
    That disgusting thumbnail
  • RuffleRaven INC
    WE'RE NOT OVERWHELMED BY HACK AND SLASH GAMES? Do you guys only go on the App store once every month?
  • sanjana sri
    Where is radiation city 😑
  • travis meeks
    wow, this month must have sucked pretty bad. lol
  • Joujoubox
    I feel like Grid Autosport is Real Racing 3 without microtransactions, and that's great!
  • M.R. Bran
    I came here for 1 reason, Noir, go play it. (its free)
  • c4nnske
    #6 It's boring, and no, and the end all I felt was I wasted my time. It's more of a "well, that's a thing" than a game. The only good thing about it is that hand drawn style.
  • Andrew Lastname
    #1 gotta be KNACK 2 BAAAABBYYYY
  • Justin Adam
    football manager touch, is offline?
  • Kuba Vardanyan
    frost is cool
  • Paul Ebner
    Link wealth embrace belief plenty save market decrease.
  • Shaggy
    If anything Knifes out is one of the best games I've played in my opinion it's better then any in this list it's like pubg but on Android
  • Mofo Joe
    Yo wtf is up that thumbnail
  • Oyuncu Dedeler
    Game dev tycoon is expnesşve dude. 17 tl
  • Michael Vincent G. Chua
    Can't wait for Grid Autosport to come out in the first half of 2018 on my Samsung Galaxy S8 or Razer Phone (Soon on 2018).
  • Dallas The Coyote
    Always nice to see the new games i'm going to pirate buy
  • iulix max
    all the games are dog shit !!!!
  • Mickey Odunikan
    Game dev tycoon is 5 bucks now 😭
  • ComptonEMT
    DUUUUUUUDE!!! Game dev tycoon was a remake of a mobile game lol... It's finally on mobile itself. The dev on his PC launch put a different copy out into the piracy world. The difference was eventually you'd start losing money to game piracy =] clever
  • Sebastian B
    Is the falcon canadian?
  • elitehawk
    5:32 is the part
  • elitehawk
    That's the delorian from back to the future
  • Tito V
    Gameranx, which was your favorite?
  • Rod-knock’s Mod-chop
    Why didn’t you mention “Real Racing” it is almost the same graphically as Grid auto sport but it’s free opposed to $10
  • Busy In Da Dojo
    so at 6:50 it says GRID is $9.99 ok cool but when you click on show more under the Gameranx title and scroll down to see when Grid will be released, it says the price is $35.99 0.0 am i missing something here??
  • Ness
    Omg game dev tycoons finally on iOS going to buy right now
  • Final Fantasy
    Demensions 2 and 1 are generally good. inotia 4 and crusade of destiny iv been playing oryears too bad inotia 2 isnt on ios anymore that was one of my favorite
  • Final Fantasy
  • bob dole
    Picture is clickbait
  • Alexandre Philippe
    mode measure twist association earth protective print warn echo stuff violation.
  • Warmer Gosling
    The final fantasy description has just confused me so much
  • Tuna Samich
    Says game dev tycoon for $.99, links to game studio tycoon for $1.50 😐
  • vaids nomiss
    for the paid list, if the games are trash and over priced... just make a top 5 list.
  • Christopher Kanski
    Game Dev Tycoon hasn’t been good since Paul Creenis of Paul Beenis games shot himself.
  • Gurkirat Singh
    IF you really wanna try something go for Monument Valley 2 which they mentioned as a bonus rather than on list. It's better than it's predecessor visually and story & what not.
    Colors are beautiful, level design I mean literally that 2D-3D mix is amazing. I hope this becomes one of those classic game series which everyone waits for every year.
    Well Done MV guys.
  • Memephis Martard
    Game devil is just mainly naming stuff
  • TastiestHeart Is Swag
    If they could do that good of graphics why don't they put Waw or BO2 on mobile
  • wheatley
    Pls dont add shadow fight 3 on the free one because its unprogrresing game
  • Shenaniganz
    When will the free mobile games video come out?
  • Yakō Kuma
    Smash and bash my dude.
  • Adam Paterson
    Charging $36 for a mobile game? Are they drunk or just stupid?
  • HBY
    Lineage 2 revolution.....
  • Gleblu Gaming
    The paid game I enjoyed the most this month way oxenfree, it was the best
  • Zach the DualVission
    Why is the link for game dev tycoon for android to a questionable knockoff?
  • Kelvin McGill
    the octopus game is a rip off of Tentacles (Windows Phone 7)