Kushtiwrestling : Parveen Bhola Vs Kiran Bhagat

Kushtiwrestling : Parveen Bhola Vs Kiran Bhagat
Description –Kiran Bhagat is the best wrestler Maharashtra can  speak of now a days. In Varna, Maharashtra he fought with the greatest celebrity wrestler Jassa Patti of Punjab. He successfully attached on Jassa’s Heavy legs and brought him down, sensing trouble Jassa took no time to pin him, but his endeours with which he attacked Jassa were really great. Kiran Bhagat is has won Maharashtra Kesari title , and is fighting for Hind Kesari title today, as I write the report. Kiran Bhagat was paired with wrestler Bhola of Captain Chandroop Akhada of Delhi. He is second to Joginder who is aiding him to be a champion. Bhola has won Bharat Kumar title many a times. Their match was an intense one. The first half of the match went in favour of Kiran Bhagat, who brought Bhola down easily and almost broke him. As time passed Bhola came into his senses and controlled Kiran Bhagat later. The match remained a tie. However it was a really interesting match to watch. 
 This video is taken from Sitara E Indore-Title, April,  2017. A traditional Indian ( Bharat) wrestling competition.  Organised at Nehru Stadium,  Indore as a public Event , free for all, by Yusuf Qureshi. Event covered by, and videos edited and produced by Deepak Ansuia Prasad Bhardwaj.  Camera – Sony HDR PJ -800, Thumbnails contains picture taken by Deepak Ansuia Prasad. On Cannon DSLR, 60D.

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