How to Find the Typhoon H Telemetry Data in the ST16

How to Find the Typhoon H Telemetry Data in the ST16
There is a wealth of information being stored in the Yuneec ST16 controller. This video explain where to find it and basic information about the CSV files and data structures. You will be able to access Telemetry data from each flight. With this data, you can plot out charts of the battery voltage and use Google Earth to plot out the path and altitude of your flight.

Link for the Android File Transfer for Apple OSX

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  • tanicc
    Thank you. Can you rename the machine without any problems. My drive is titled anzhen4_w or is that what the directory will always look for??
  • tanicc
    thank you for the video. Great Info!
  • Bill Larned
    Thank you so much for posting this, Andy. I've gotten so caught up in DJI products my Typhoon h has been sidelined. Yuneec is really trying to do better with this drone, this is like forgotten treasure.