Super Men, - 45th Hind Kesari Title : Traditional Indian Kushtiwrestling

Super Men, - 45th Hind Kesari Title : Traditional Indian Kushtiwrestling
This is one of my most watched videos. I filmed it at a national traditional wrestling competition at at Hyderabad.  It was a national title competition , and many many big wrestler participated in it. This is one of the league matches for the Hind Kesri Title, none of the above wrestler won the match , however in this match they are putting a very good show of traditional Indian wrestling. These wrestlers were simply super men, as they prepare themselves in much rigorous , and hard training then anybody else on the earth.  Their learning of the art and displaying it is also superb. 
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कुश्ती खेल के नियम , कुश्ती खेल का इतिहास , कुश्ती का खेल ,   हिन्द केसरी टाइटल , पैंतालीसवाँ , हैदराबाद , अंजन यादव , एम पी , सांसद

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    Dangal Dangal
  • Robeen Goods
    The frase "kushti" in Kazakh language meaning "strong", so this is traditional Kazakh wrestling.
  • siddharth ray chaudhuri
    congratulations for promoting our real sport ....kushti!
  • Dins Davis
    Jeet raheha
  • Sukhpreet Gill
    Gama was amritsari later he migrated to lahore coz he was muslim. I studied a lot.if you check nation games medal for last 60 years punjab is on top. I agree now conditions are not good
  • paintur68
    Wow......   powerful guys. It must be awesome to see this in person.
  • Adam Shariph
  • buggal buggal
    blue one frm punjab guys after kyonki jitne ke baad log khush nahi the waha. kyonki match haryana mien punjab wrestler always stronger then haryana wrestler.haryana to kal paida hua hai.
  • Gathwala JAT
    Haryanvi Sanjay won :))
  • Maha Singh
    Mathure ke pahlwano ki kushti dal dena
  • Comicbookstoreguy177
    Mat burns are probably nothing compared to sand burns...ouch! Its always interesting to see the styles of different countries. At the end of the day wrestling is wrestling. 
  • docmat21
    The atmosphere at these events must be incredible. I would love to experience it. Thanks for all the great posts, by the way. Opened my
  • TheTerryE
    Little skinny guy in panties beats chubby guy in panties.
  • Dinesh Kumar Sharma
    Man in blue has great physic  
    Hattori Hanzo- that is saves you from hernia
  • Let Me Answer
    Balle Balle Pandit de.
  • rash9876
    He is from Haryana & nearly all the Indian wrestling medals at the Olympics, World Championships, Asian Games, etc. are won by Haryanvi Jats. Haryana wrestlers at Olympic: Sushil Kumar [Bronze (2008) & Silver (2012)], Yogeshwar Dutt [Bronze (2012)]. Haryana wrestlers at World Championships: Udey Chand (1961), Ramesh Kumar (2009), Sushil Kumar (2010), Amit Kumar (2013), Bajrang (2013). Similarly, at 2010 Commonwealth Games, 17 out of the 19 Indian wrestling medals were won by Haryanvis.
  • Sahib Singh
    wow great strength
  • Sahib Singh
    wow great strength
  • paintur68
    I was once on a trip to Lubbock Texas. As I left the airport, two battling bulls caught my eye. They were massive and muscular. They kicked up the dust as they battle for supremacy. These two wrestlers are the only men who could rival that kind of a real physical battle. Kusthi wrestling is the best sport on earth.
  • Donovan Worland
    Shared this everywhere, fantastic camera work.
  • Surjit Jita
    Save Wrestling Surjit Jita Punjabi Wrestling Song on you tube
  • Lakhdeep Virk
    great indian kushti
  • Sri9279
    Deepak Ansuiaji are you on Fb, if yes what is your id. Appreciate your service for our traditional wrestling culture...thanks
  • ansuia1974
    thanks brother for comments and subscription ,
    Really, really great video. And, my complements to the camera guy; good close-ups from the lower shots, dust, and night lights. Really, good stuff and hope to see more. I have 'subscribed'.
  • thethug1000
    a nigerian is way stronger than an indian
  • Rupinder Sharma
    Wrong. He is from Haryana
  • greg thompson
    simply fantastic thanks for posting
  • Manraj Singh
    blue 1 is from Punjab..
  • abhimanyu117
    1st of all its not "womans" its women's fr in general use and fr particular woman its woman's.. i guess u left ur school education quiet early.. and 2ndly that is called "langot" in hindi and its not women's underwear its a long cloth whch is tied around male genitals to safegaurd frm injuries while wrestling and olso for preventing water flowing into sack when performing heavy lifting..a classic version of supporters whch are worn by international bodybuilders.
  • Juan Pizano
    are these the heavyweights
  • KTtraintowin
    Great video !!
  • supreethrocks
    Indian Wrestling ...Evolved from Malla Yuddha...Refer Wiki
  • jcbear
    Damn luv a match to learn f rom the guy in blue !!
  • Phani Vallapu
    lal bahadhur stadium, hyderabd,andhra pradesh,india.
  • Prakash Kulkarni
    its not working...
  • Tim Nonn
    What kind of wrestling is this?
  • mortner366
    Love the stud in blue!!
  • ganesh shetty
    very good wrestling .but players name n state is not mentioned any where
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Why they fight in womans underwear ?