Top 10 Best Android Fighting Games

Top 10 Best Android Fighting Games
Ranking of the best fighting mobile games for your Android smartphone and tablet. These are the top-rated arcade fighting titles currently available on the Google Play Store. You may get these games by clicking the links below:

Injustice 2
Punch Club
Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Shadow Fight 2
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
WWE Immortals

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  • ponas at3ivis
    I love shadow fith 2!!!😁😁
  • nikito65
    I didn't expect Shadow Fight 2 on 1 place
    i was thinking injustice 2 will in top 3 LOL
  • Neelam Sahota
    I like marvel contest of champions
  • Somil Bhandari
    Can you make a video of mortal kombat x how to do all fatality in mibile
  • Mahender Reddy Police
    Shadow fight 2 love it❤️❤️❤️
  • Captain Tony 1
  • fun family jafary
    How download mortal combat x
  • Obi Dark
    Best fighting game is Jade Empire ;)
  • vivek tamma
    Just finished Level 10 in Shadow Fight 3 waiting for new episodes.... Awesome ..... Will download WWE immortals now.. Thank you
  • Raj Dey
    your list is not good
  • Raj Dey
    why injustice 2 in number 10 and where is injustice gods among us??
    Marvel contest of champion is much better than injustice 2
  • Manpreet Kaur
    mortal kombat x and shadow fight is my favorite game
  • Atul Singh
    Bekar hai bhag ja
  • Saraswathy Ashok
    no 1 should be shadow fight 3
  • killer sk
    shadow fight sucks badly
  • Chaeng Li Rangsha
    Shadow fight 3 was better than 2 but the developers really destroyed it by making it completely a pay to win game
  • Checchins Diste
    1 marvel contest of champions
    2 injustice 2
    3 injustice
    4 mortal kombat xl
    5 shadow fighter 2
  • Captain Shihab
    King of fighter kof 2002 is my favourite
  • kise ryota
    can we play injustice 2 offline?
  • Gay trash
    How Skullgirls wasn't on the actual top 10 list appauls me like really runner ups? I don't think so
  • Social Tube
    the best is shadow fight 3 all of others are shit
  • Awes Kazi
  • sunil Garad
    but shadow fight 3 animation are also cool and shadow fight 2 will be on 2 and this game would be in first trust me play it then you will understand:)))
  • hectec69
    Do any use controller?
  • ahmed saeed
    The king of fighters 2012 is the best fighting game
  • Abhishek Sope
    Shadow fight 3
  • priyanshu gaming
    Shadow fight 2 is old now,so the best android fightig game is shadow fight 3
  • Dist Lok Sikayat Bhojpur
    Shadow fight 2
  • Kiwi Legend
    Why is Johnny Cage in WWE Immortals? He belongs in Mortal Kombat.
  • Sri Sri
    Shadow fight 2 amazing
  • 工藤新一
    I think Shadow Fight 3 will be at top now....By the way I m SF2 user too :)
  • 《EGY Gamer》
    Uhhh... This is more than 10 right?
  • Brandon x22
    MKX Mobile is the best!
  • enrique navarro
    Shadow fight 2 yeah is the best game ever
  • Ziad Mohab
    All the android games are silly and failed
  • cristian jara
    It isn't real fighting games...
    I talking about. Old school street fighter. The real Tekken. Maybe a virtual fighter .. combos. Mechanic. Stamina. Tiers.. no party gamea
  • Black Red
    shadows fight 3 no.1
  • Tyler Mecklein
    Is it possible to play halo games on Android?
  • Syed Asif
    Also shadow fight 3 and marvel contest of champions
  • Vikrant Jamwal
    Is Injustice 2 offline?
  • I am a Starboy
    Where is shadow fight 3 and tekken
  • Deepa Pandey
    what is this way there is no modern combat
  • Deepa Pandey
    what is this way there is no modern combat
  • Ali Bhebhelove
    my mortal kombat dosent work how fix thisj
  • Ali Bhebhelove
    my mortal kombat dosent work how fix this
  • Android Gaming
    Shadow fight is much better than these games
  • SilverBullet
    Nope. Soul Calibur for me