How to use Multiple Clash of Clan Account on iPhone/iPad using Game Center

How to use Multiple Clash of Clan Account on iPhone/iPad using Game Center
Video Tutorial on how to use Multiple Clash of Clan Account on iPhone/iPad using Game Center. Switch accounts by login in to different game center accounts.

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  • Lita Ziang
    such a long process ahahahahaha android is so easy
  • sameer siddiqui
    Maderchod ye Sab wrong h
  • David Junkmann
    Thank you !, good damn i Love you 😝👏
  • Salem Playz
    How do you create a Game center account with (They say I need icloud) I dont want to create with icloud please help
  • gayantha gunarathna
    Email me to
    Thank you...
  • gayantha gunarathna
    I have my coc in iPhone 7. I have another coc account which I’m playing in my laptop. How can I log to my second coc village from my iPhone7.
    I’m new with iPhone. Pl help me.
  • shayan Tanoli
    This is so useful but my second is on gmail how I can put in it?
  • Captain Saqib17
    i followed these steps and changed my account but now i Am not able get back in my previous acc after changing
  • Tony Walls
  • Tony Walls
    So at the end when you replace the village...does is permanently delete the other village or can switch back and forth from base to base ? Ive done all the steps but I got 2 years of time invested in my first base. I really don't want to delete and lose it. Thanks for your response.
  • Jeremy Berman
  • Vanz Ambid
    How to play my google account in coc to ipad?
  • JJ Quinde
    Can I change back to original account
  • Huzaifa Hameed
    I love this video
  • PopulerMineGamer 123
    Omg it works thx so so much I sub and like
  • Awesh Ahmad
    My coc. Account is connect to Game Center but my town hall was 9 level how to transfer in any android mobile how?
  • X.Future 024
    What's the password
  • Christhechamp1001
    u cannot make a new account like this only link an existing one so it does not work for the majority of us
  • Syed Sufiyan Ali
  • Jayden Sng
    my coc account is sigin with game center but i need 1 more account on the same device n the other account is gmail account so hw can i do that to my ios account pllz help anybody hu knows..?
  • Vim Clyde Tan
    pakiyes po ung prompt
  • TC _Rice
    Wats the password
  • Technical Gamer Rishabh
    garib teri id nahi clae maar ja
  • XxTheLast SnakexX
    You Pinoy Right if you not understand To Filipino:pwede bang gawin Gmail account to gmail account yun? Kasi puro gmail account to?
  • XxTheLast SnakexX
    Hey Pinoy you can Multiply account? Gmail account to gmail account?
  • christopher ramos
    I want to use my google coc account on ios how?
  • Clash of Clans hacker
    Give me account and Wp plz
  • Kingparty22
    When ever I log in it says do you want to go onto this account which has a level three town hall and it's so annoying because that my phone account and I have same iCloud is that the reason why I can't link my iPhone account to my iPad account which is better
  • Mamad Hussein
    We have to make eny apple id in game senter or we have to make real apple id ????
  • Akhmad Bilal
    how i can change the account with new account (android to ios)
    is that possible to do? i tried everything i can but doesn work, pls reply
  • Maple Blackops2
    Switch apple accounts guys
  • AAarohan 3958
    Bro I just wanted to play a new I'd with new Game Center but old Id doesn't go
  • AAarohan 3958
  • Param Singh
    I have two ids but when i switch my ids the prev village shows up , first two or three times it worked but now the load up option doesn't pops up , please help😓
  • Alim aulia
    its not work
  • Harsh Mundhva
    not working ,i chang id but my village is old shown
  • Glitch Void
    Thank you! This helped a lot, I've been getting frustrated by it but you showed me how do do it! It works and I appreciate you for it. :)
  • Mostafa Norouzi
  • Luap johanne Labial
    ayaw lumabas ung pop up sa akin, pano po?
  • Jazz Carter
    Even I changed my game centre account but nothing is change same game is showing on both accounts so help me
  • Thupten Dorji
    It loads the same account, does it work on iOS 10
  • Abdulrahman The gamer
    Can i just sign in with game center then to Get my other one sign out?
  • Sharkbait 1077
    Thx your the best sooo worried
  • lester m
    i followed this on ipad changing gc account and still loading the same
  • Sharkbait 1077
    Will you get your old village back ?
  • Raven
    Hi, i have a sort of other problem , i have 2 accounts on 1 game center , 1 is th10 and the second one is th5, at a moment i had to delete the app for a update that did not work on my phone, now i have got a new phone i downloaded again , i startend the game up and starters play But with a new account. I thought my th10 account Will pump up Every moment But it did not so now i'm stuck with this new account thats now already th5 like I already Saïd But is still wonder where my th10 account is? Do you know , i hope you understand this and sorry for my englisch
  • Finesse Master
    Hey how'd you get your phone to show on the screen ?
  • Kadogs Marshall
    I have a iOS 6 with a town hall 8 and I used the same Game Center acount for my iOS 9 account. I'm having trouble! HELP
  • Agario Virus
    When I tryed to get to my orriginal account it didn't work
  • Zeeomss
    Doesn't work