File recovery softwares is important in helping people backup their files on their computer, and recover the files they’ve lost. With the use of a promising software application, people can ensure they never truly lose any of the files they need on their computers. The software programs listed in this article have been tried and tested, and are ranked based on a few factors: speed, safety, and user-friendliness. This article also includes the best feature of each application, and a pros and cons list. 

SoftwarePriceWhat Supports itDownload LinkRanking 
Disk DrillBasic: Free 

Pro: $89

Enterprise: $499

Mac OS X 10.11.6+Disk Drill 
Softtote Data Recovery$69.99Mac OS X 10.6~10.14Softtote Recovery 2
R-StudioR-Studio for Mac: $71.99

R Studio for Mac Network: $161.99

R Studio Technician: $809.10

Mac OS 10.6 + R-Studio3
Tenorshare One Month: $55.95

One Year: $59.95

Lifetime: $69.95

Mac 10.10 + Tenorshare4
Cisdem Data Recovery $49.99Mac 10.11 +Cisdem Recovery 5

Disk Drill: The #1 File Recovery Software

Disk drill is the application of all applications when it comes to file and data recovery. Disk Drill is one of the safest and most efficient recovery softwares that exists today. It is a product of the company cleverfiles and it is currently on its fourth update. The product has lots of important file recovery features and it’s super convenient to use.

Disk Drill

Speed: People praise Disk Drill because of its high scan speeds and recovery speeds. Within minutes, Disk Drill is able to find and recover all kinds of lost files. The software is fast when it comes to quick scan, but it also scans quickly in deep scan mode. Some have even experienced deep scans that last shorter than 40 minutes. Disk Drill is all about reliability and speed. The speed is very quick and will help people who are in a bind receive their files quickly. Disk Drill’s high speeds are one of the things that make it the best file recovery software. 

Safety: Disk Drill is 100% safe to use. It has zero viruses, is a clean software, and should cause no problems on a computer. The software also downloads very quickly and does not slow down computers. 

User-Friendliness: Disk Drill is a very good user-friendly software. It’s easy to use for everyone. The application lets customers choose where they want to find their lost files, and then they can find them by clicking the scan button. Everything on the Disk Drill program is fairly self-explanatory. 

Best Feature: Disk Drill Is best feature is its unlimited recovery. People who pay for Disk Drill will be able to recover as many files as they want. There are some applications that cap the recovery, or have customers pay for each individual recovery. Disk Drill wants customers to have free reign over the files they recover so there’s no stop to how many files they can recover. 


  • Simple Interface 
  • Windows/ Mac 
  • Preview of Scanned Files 
  • File Search Feature 
  • Licensing for more than one person 


  • File condition is not included in scans
  • The demo version does not offer much in terms of recovery 

Conclusion: Disk Drill is not a perfect app, but it is the closest to perfect customers can get. The application is fast, efficient, reliable, and very easy to use. It’s many great features outweigh its faults. 

Final Thoughts: This is the recovery software to buy. Nothing quite compares to Disk Drill’s professionalism and ability to appease every customer. The application is everything a person could want from a file recovery software.

Softtote Data Recovery: The #2 File Recovery Software

Softtote Data Recovery is another popular file recovery application. Softtote Data Recovery supports multiple files and multiple devices. The program can retrieve lost files, documents, and photos. Softtote is a simple way with easy to maneuver features.

Softtote Data Recovery

Speed: The speed of Softtote is fairly fast. It’s not overwhelmingly speedy like some apps. That being said, the program is still very swift to scan and recover lost files. It’s not super fast, but it’s not slow either. The application has deep scanning options, too. 

Safety: As it is the same with speed, Softote is fairly safe to use. Testers faced no issues with viruses or pop ups when using Softtote Data Recovery. The application is popular and used often, so the creators have fixed its kinks to prevent viruses from spreading. It’s a reliable file recovery program. It’s also wizard driven so there should be no errors or complications. 

User Friendliness: Softtote Data Recovery is great and helpful for user-friendliness. The program has customers choose which type of file they want to find, and then they can start scanning for it. This adds an extra element of helpfulness that even Disk Drill doesn’t offer. Plus, customers can preview their files before they recover them. 

Best Feature: Softote’s best feature is its high recovery rate. The application can save up to 95% of lost files, including those that have been emptied from the trash. If files have been lost, Softtote can almost always save them. 


  • Uses Recovery Wizards 
  • Has file preview 
  • It included Raw Searching Technology 


  • It does not support Mac Catalina 
  • Not as high-tech as other applications 

Conclusion: Softtote Recovery is a reliable software that can be used to recover lots of missing or deleted files. Though there’s nothing particularly special about it, it doesn’t often cause problems. It has few cons and works very well. Plus, it’s fairly affordable. 

Final Thoughts: Softtote Recovery doesn’t have a bunch of cool features. That’s true. However, it is a great app for recovering files because it has a high recovery rate. If a customer can’t buy Disk Drill, this is the next best option.

R-Studio: The #3 File Recovery Software

Many people have heard of R-Studio because it has many recovery options for both Mac and Windows products. R-Studio was found to be a great application because of its raw file recovery capabilities. The program can bring back heavily damaged and unknown files and help them work again. The program has a lot of notable features like: Raid recovery, file viewer, pro hex editor, and an emergency version of the application. It is great because of all the features it provides.


Speed: R-Studio scans data pretty quickly. When recovering data and files, however, R-Studio is pretty slow. That’s not to say it’s a bad application. When it comes down to it, the quality of the file is more important than how fast it can be downloaded. 

Safety: The R-Studio application is controlled completely by the owner of it. Once the customer downloads the application, no one else from the company or anywhere else can see it. The application is also protected from viruses. 

User Friendliness: The R-Studio software includes a step by step learning process. Techies can enjoy the app, as well as people who have never used this type of interface before. The app isn’t as straight-forward as clicking one button, but it is easy to use because of the program’s guidelines. 

Best Feature: R-Studio’s best feature is its extensive file search. Customers can search for individual files or they can let the software do the work on its own. The application can find files ranging from videos to documents. It can recover these files, too. There are few limits on the files R-Studio can recover for its customers. 


  • Extensive file search 
  • Wizard interface 
  • Raw file search 
  • Preview of files 
  •  File sorting 


  • No pause button 
  • Slow recovery speed 

Conclusion: R-Studio is a great option for file recovery. The application can find files upon files upon files. Next, the application may be for techies and experts, but that doesn’t mean beginners can’t use it. The program has a guide that will help anyone with the product. This is a file recovery system for the people. .

Final Thoughts: R-Studio can’t really compare to Disk Drill or Softtote for that matter. That shouldn’t dissuade people from checking it out. It’s a wonderful little application that has such an extensive history in saving files. 

Tenorshare: The #4 File Recovery Software

Tenorshare is a file recovery application that is unique because it specializes in file recovery on phones. The application has great customer service, too. After download, the program walks customers through each step of file recovery. Tenorshare is the #4 file recovery software because of how user-friendly it is.


Speed: Tenorshare is a very fast recovery software. The program runs very quickly and practically. The company itself has said they want to provide “quick and seamless solutions.” They do. 

Safety: Tenorshare guarantees that their applications are 100% secure. The application has had over 150 million downloads worldwide, so this statistic seems to check out. When testing the application, no spam or viruses seem to present themselves. 

User Friendliness: The Tenorshare application is in the #4 spot because of its user friendliness. When using the app, it guides customers through each step. There should be no questions or issues when using the app because it’s all laid out for the person using it. Additionally, customer service from Tenorshare is very accommodating. Free technical support is available for anyone who needs it. 

Best Feature: Tenorshare’s best feature is its ability to recover files on phones. This is the apps niche, and it’s a very good one at that. People use file recovery softwares for their computers, but files can get lost on phones, too. Tenorshare saves those files and recovers them. 


  • Accesses disabled devices 
  • Helps remove Icloud accounts 
  • Recovers data from Macs that have crashed 
  • Great data recovery rate  


  • Better versed in phones than in computers 
  • Can’t scan a specific folder 
  • There is no display for the computer drive names 

Conclusion: Overall, the Tenorshare application is unique and special compared to others. The company of Tenorshare has a lot of great applications for file and data recovery. This app has a very user-friendly setup that can help any person– no matter how technically challenged they are– recover the files on their computer. 

Final Thoughts: This is a recommended file recovery application because it is easy to use and affordable. It’s one of the most affordable options on this list and perfect for beginners who have never recovered files before, or used a system like this.

Cisdem Data Recovery: The #5 Data Recovery Application

Cisdem Data Recovery is an application with a lot of potential. The product has very simple options for recovery which are: basic recovery, trash recovery, formatted drive recovery, external devices recovery, and advanced file recovery. The advanced file recovery is the important feature that makes it such a helpful program, and the #5 software on this list. The system does a great job of finding and recovering files that seem like they’ll be gone forever.

Cisdem Data Recovery

Speed: The Cisdem Recovery application is said to be faster than the average recovery software, but it’s still not the fastest. Its speeds do not compare to that of Disk Drill and others. That being said, the program is efficient and has some speed to it. 

Safety: This software is 100% safe and secure, or so they say. When testing this product, there were no safety concerns about any of it. Everything seemed to be safe and manageable. The application is also considered “risk-free.” Recovering files will not corrupt or change them. 

User Friendliness: The Cisdem Data Recovery software is overwhelmingly user-friendly. The product includes free lifetime updates, directions for when using the software, and a system that is pretty easy to navigate. Again, it’s not as easy as the other systems in this list, but it’s easy enough that anyone could use it. 

Best Feature: The best feature on the Cisdem Data Recovery application is probably the five different data recovery modes. These modes cater to the situation the customer is in. This helps them find the specific files they need. The advanced search is best because it recovers files from all kinds of data loss scenarios. 


  • Compatible with many different file types
  • Five different recovery modes 
  • Support for the full screen


  • Slow scanning compared to other applications 

Conclusion: The Cisdem Recovery application is a good, reliable software. It’s very user-friendly and is great for recovering files. That being said, it’s mostly a file recovery application. It doesn’t have other cool, extra features. When it comes to file recovery, this is a great app to choose. If customers need another service to go along with their file recovery, they best choose a different app.

Final Thoughts: Being the #5 data recovery software isn’t really a problem. In fact, this application is still in the top 5. It is not as great as the top 4, but it’s still a really great program. Who knows? With a couple of updates and additions to the software, Cisdem Recovery could be in the top spot in years to come.

Final Conclusion

Each and every one of these file recovery systems have advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are fast while others are slow. Some come can be used by beginners, whereas others are best used by tech experts. They are different, yet they are the same. They all provide quality service for their customers and recover their files. 

Disk Drill, the #1 File Recovery software is the one to choose. It’s fast, reliable, and safe. 

Softtote Data Recovery is speedy, efficient, and can recover many, many files. It’s a great second choice. 

R-Studio, the #3 file recovery software has a lot of really cool features that help with file recovery and other computer problems. It’s worth the money. 

The #4 file recovery software is Tenorshare. This application is super user-friendly. It’s the most user-friendly on this list, which is what makes it such a good choice. 

The final recovery software is Cisdem Data Recovery. This is an up and coming file recovery software that people should take note of. It has advanced file search and is super safe. 

These software applications are really great choices for file recovery, They have the speed, safety, and user friendliness to make everyone’s file recovery experience simple and memorable.

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