Philippe Browning » VP, Advertising and Operations, Mobile, CBS Mobile

Session: MASTERS OF MONETIZATION (Presented by The IAB)

Philippe Browning is Vice President, Advertising and Operations, CBS Mobile. His purview includes mobile advertising infrastructure and innovation, distribution partner management, as well as customer-acquisition strategy, both online and mobile.  Previous to CBS, Philippe was the Director of Marketing at GOGII, an iFund company focused on text messaging via its textPlus product.  Philippe began his mobile career as a marketing and strategy consultant at JAMDAT, and subsequently Electronic Arts Mobile, where he developed some of the first mobile advertising initiatives, was responsible for external-facing communications, and partnered with carriers to deliver best-in-breed mobile marketing of a massive games library. Before getting bit with the mobile bug, Philippe worked extensively as a TV writer and director in both network and cable television, giving him a unique perspective, and familiarity with the core CBS broadcast business.