South Park: Phone Destroyer 1.1.0 for Android - Download

South Park: Phone Destroyer 1.1.0 for Android - Download

South Park finally lands on Android


South Park: Phone destroyer is an RTS where instead of controlling knights, magicians or dragons; you run a small army composed of some of the most charismatic characters in the history of the animated series like Cartman, Butters or Randy Marsh. You'll find almost the whole cast of South Park characters on your smartphone.

Combat systems in South Park: Phone Destroyer are very simple. Your goal is to reduce your opponents' life points to zero, which means you're going to need to play your cards wisely. Each card has a certain mana cost, and a specific number of life points. Its attack value and special abilities also play a major role. Knowing how to use and combine your cards correctly will mean the difference between victory and defeat in the most hotly contested clashes.

Between combat and combat—as per usual in this genre—you level up your charts to improve your life points and attack value. Collect more than eighty different cards, each with its own illustration specially drawn for the occasion. Note: some of them are pretty hilarious.

Campaign mode in South Park: Phone destroyer has its own written story created in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios which guarantees its usual standards for quality—and laughs. For this game mode, you can recreate yourself South Park style. Here, your avatar is as customizable as you might expect with hairstyles changes, eye colors, clothes, etc.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is an outstanding strategy game, featuring sweet visuals, a hilarious story mode, and a very fun online mode. All in all, this is one spectacular title, which of course will especially please any fan of the TV show South Park.

South Park: Phone Destroyer 1.1.0 for Android - Download

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