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11-Ball Application?

Does anyone know of an 11-Ball application like the kind you see at pool halls, bars, etc? That would be a really cool app for the G1.


#1 jewelty, Jun 22, 2009
I made this game for the web a while back. If someone wants to help me learn android programming I will return the favor by helping you create the game for android :)


- Rit
#2 ritman, Feb 16, 2010
Did you ever find an 11 Ball app?? I just love that game and it would be great to have on my Kindle Fire.
#3 rameytwin, Jan 26, 2012
Rit: Did you ever find anyone to help you program 11 Ball for android?? I would loveto have this on my Kindle Fire
#4 rameytwin, Jan 26, 2012
I'm a novice programmer, but I'd be interested in giving this a shot. Still, I can't seem to find anything about the game when I Google it. If you don't mind, do you think you could tell me how the game works, or - even better - refer me to a video or rulebook?

Thanks for the help!
#5 Fixx42, Feb 6, 2012
I quickly throwed something together, just to make sure I didn't get the idea wrong...

Is this how the game is supposed to be played?

#6 ken218, Feb 7, 2012