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Tips +1121611611 Error 122 Invalid Number - Fix

For months I have been getting an error that comes from +1121611611 and the message content reads "122 Error Invalid Number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code. 0605040710000041637469766174653A64743D3135". I have been reading all over the internet and it seems loads of people are having the same problem but there is no solution.

I noticed the common denominator seemed to be people changing carriers. I found two people stating that switching from T-Mobile to ATT caused the problem as it was TMobile sending an internal text to track your Fav 5 members. This meant if you switched carriers the message was getting rejected. Then it appeared a lot of people were getting it when texting friends, no idea what caused this. Finally someone suggested it was an issue with the phone trying to access the prior carriers voicemail. I went into settings>more>application manager then to the TMobile visual voicemail system. I cleared the cache the clicked "turn off" which ultimately deleted the app. I then went to the dialer and held down the #1 key which called my voicemail (not sure if it was Tm or ATT system) and it said my password was expired and I changed it. After doing all of this the messages have completely stopped. I cannot say for sure I know the cause but it appears to be voicemail related. Im guessing after switching carriers the phone still tries to access the previous carriers system. I am simply posting this to help and I am going to post the link back to the on 10-15 websites where people appeared to really be struggling.


#1 iwhiteout, Dec 4, 2014
I have the same problem on my wife's metroPCS LG optimus F6. According to a post on XDA-developers, the problem is related to Visual Voice mail. A permanent fix appears to be to root the phone and remove all related VVM apps from system apps, priv-apps (privilaged apps) and possibly data apps.
#2 rustybronco, Dec 27, 2014 Last edited: Dec 28, 2014
AT&T Employee Here: NO ROOT NECESSARY!!! whiteout has the correct solution (apart for deleting Cache). This is happening because your T-mobile Visual Voicemail App is continuously trying to get in touch back with T-Mobile to see if it has any voicemail messages. This is accomplished via SMS technology, so when it DOES reach T-Mobile, their HLR and VLR respond back with "NOPE NOT OUR CUSTOMER" and sends you that message. T-mobile says it's not them because, well, they probably don't even know the problem exists yet. So I wouldn't BLAME them, it's just the product of intercarrier operation of a device whose OS wasn't designed for anything other than T-mobile.

Here's the fix: Settings > General (if your phone has this top menu option, if not ignore) > Application Manager (or Apps on LG phones) > All > Visual Voicemail (should have a tmobile logo on it) > Clear Data (which removes your vvm profile on the device) > Turn off. This will fix your issue and will not impact your ability to use AT&T's visual voicemail app, available on the Play Store.

Good luck! I'll be forum spamming this along with whiteout's post so everyone get's the memo :D
#3 ATT Dude, Jan 25, 2015
AT&T Dude:
I am having the same problem as mentioned earlier. I switched from T-Mobile to AT&T and get the same text message from 112-161-1611. I like your explanation and would like to follow your suggestion for fixing it. Except I have a non-smart phone. Its a Motorola Razr V3t. How do I disable the voice mail from T-Mobile. Thanks for any suggestion
#4 choppersim, Feb 5, 2015
What worked for me on my Galaxy Exhibit, after switching from Metro PCS to AT&T.
Messaging (yellow letter in white envelope)
List (bottom left, below screen)
Settings (in list)
Spam Settings (activate, click on box, shows checkmark)
Register number as spam (type in number: 1121611611)
#5 Bill Yancey, Jul 1, 2015 Last edited: Jul 2, 2015
Purchased LG phone from StraightTalk Smart Pay. Phone shipped to me in a T-Mobile box but required an AT&T micro sim to work on StraightTalk Bring Your Own Phone Plan. The T-Mobile Visual Voicemail App is a fixed install & can not be uninstalled or edited in any way, can not be turned off( I assume because I never had a T-Mobile account to begin with) per 'ATT Dude' instructions, however, registering the number as spam which was suggested by 'Bill Yancey' did work for me. Thank you both for the help.
#6 purplepurveyor, Jul 18, 2015
Four times I've received the following text and all four instances are consolidated under a common message thread with 1121611611 as the apparent originator: "Error Invalid Number. Please resend using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code."

Then below that sentence, in the same text my phone appears to have replied with one of 2 messages - either "I'm in a meeting" or "Sorry, I'm busy. Call back later."

Each of the four texts begins with a different phone number in the body of the text, all originated by CallBots or perhaps Live Telemarketers.

The four numbers are 15036789502 (known telemarketer), 13237293159 (2 instances 1 minute apart, known telemarketer), and 16826284237 (known telemarketer).

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note3 from AT&T, and I wonder if the "I'm in a meeting" message is initiated somehow by "touch" when I grab the phone to take it out of my pocket.

These are all telemarketing calls and I use NQ Call Blocker app that sometimes lets the phone ring once or twice before it blocks the call.

I'm just curious what generates the text messages - whether it's me grabbing the phone, something within NQ Call Blocker, or perhaps they're initiated by AT&T or by my device itself.
#7 Jaxx215, May 5, 2016
sounds like the voice mail problem that a native VM app attempts to connect with a carrier server but fails, for one of several reasons, and does not recognize your number and replies with error message...your device then sends an auto reply message even though you did not type it.
Disabling VM and downloading alternative voice mail might work.
(This problem usually occurs after keeping a phone but changing carrier). Don't know if this helps you at al.
Blocking a call has not been effective for me.
#8 mpsmithobrien, Jul 24, 2017
I usually don't reply to forums because there is so much variation in the solutions but I have been able to resolve this error by disabling the AT&T app Visual Voicemail. I found this in the settings and app manager. This extremely annoying problem should be resolved by the carriers for preinstalled apps.
#9 Eric Vance, Jan 10, 2018