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Tips A good Car Charger for LG G3?

Does anyone have a car charger that works on the G3 and that is at a higher amperage?

I have tried the New Trent Car Charger (NT85T), but the phone displays an incompatible message.

I also have a Motorola Rapid Rate Charger (SPN5667A), which is compatible, but lacks the amperage for a rapid charge. I have been using this one which does charge the phone, even with map navigation, but it charges the battery slowly.....charged 10% in 1.5 hours while on a drive using Google Maps Navigation. This charger has an output of 950mA.

Has anyone tried the Anker 24W Dual-Port Rapid USB Car Charger (AK-71AN2452CS-BA) with an LG G3? If so, and you have it working, what usb cable did you use and how is the charge speed?



#1 adkstorm, Jul 28, 2014
I was going to mention Anker. I love their products but the car charger is one that I do not have. I have a 4-port wall charger as well as their portable battery packs.

Does the ones you test have the USB cable attached to the charger or do you attach a USB cable to it? If its attaching a USB cable to the charger, that could be your culprit.

For whatever reason, I have left over USB cables from old phones that I just use. I think majority of the cables I have are from Blackberries and they work perfectly fine.
#2 iazybandit, Jul 28, 2014
I use this and a retractable usb cable. Works great.

#3 hilmar2k, Jul 28, 2014
Honestly i picked up a dual port slim charger with a 2.1 mA and 1.0 mA ports in orange from walgreens for 8 bucks. Just hope it doesnt catch on fire. Cables were extra but got orange to match wife's car.
#4 legalkill, Jul 28, 2014
Take a look at this one from Amazon. I came across it while looking for a good charger.

SCOSCHE USBC242M 12 Watt USB Car Charger

It came well regarded in this article I came across.

The Best USB Car Charger | The Wirecutter
#5 Vegas863, Jul 28, 2014
Interesting. I will try my OEM cable that came with the phone on the New Trent Car Charger to see if that makes a difference.
#6 adkstorm, Jul 29, 2014

There are many to choose from. I found this one on Amazon, but trying to find one that has customers that use it with a G3 and said so in a review or question/answer is the problem.....which is the reason why I am posting the question asking what others are using with their G3 that rapid charges without compatibility issues.
#7 adkstorm, Jul 29, 2014
I tried another usb cable and it work!! :) so just throw away the free cable that comes with the Trent.
#8 adkstorm, Jul 30, 2014
Glad it worked.
#9 iazybandit, Jul 30, 2014
Best way I've found to determine the worthiness of your wall warts, car chargers and USB cables is to buy a PRACTICAL METER. About $20 on Amazon and you get real-time charging statistics on any USB device. Using the process of elimination I've thrown away a half dozen wall warts, 3 or 4 car chargers, and probably a dozen USB cables that I've accumulated over the years that aren't up to snuff. Anything that the Practical Meter showed to be a bottleneck got tossed.
#10 duc916, Aug 1, 2014
Thin usb cables won't work,that's pretty much what to look out for.

Thin means smaller wire, and you get too much voltage drop.
#11 markfm, Aug 1, 2014
Thick cables (or thick insulation) don't necessarily mean it's got thick wires. I've had several thick cables fail the Practical Meter check, maxing out at 3W when the known good ones I tested do 10W. I've also got some thin HTC cables that can almost do 10W, despite looking ridiculously thin. You won't know til you test them.
#12 duc916, Aug 1, 2014
Im using this 3.1A charger with dual USB. Works like a wonder and can actually charge 2 phones with full speed. The circuitry is from Seiko Japan, which gives you great features like, stop charge if fully loaded, stop charging if overheated, and also supporting both 12V and 24V if you are in a truck.. Im from EU so here is the link there but they do shop to the US as well.


#13 Bananarepublique, Aug 2, 2014
just ordered this
Amazon.com: Volmate
#14 lexluthor, Aug 2, 2014
I have a Techmatte car charger that I've been using for a few different phones now. I drive around quite a lot for work, and I spend most of the time talking on the phone in between meetings. With this car charger, the phone charges very quickly. I mean, that's the most important part of the car charger, right? I had to buy a separate USB cable, but those are a dime a dozen.
The charger is normal size, and white. The paint on it hasn't chipped for me at all, and it has a nice little engraving on the side that says "TechMatte."

I really like this one, and I've used it as a stocking stuffer for my wife and my kids.
#15 vulcanvillalta, Aug 5, 2014
#16 hilmar2k, Aug 5, 2014
Anker brand continues to make rapid progress developing and refining intelligent adaptive charging gear. In addition I have a selection of sizes of their external compact high quality batteries. Here's the car charger I use.

#17 zipred, Aug 5, 2014