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Thank you for the heads up! I just hope that your post comes up when people google that website for their reputation :eek:
#2 CriticalCritic, Sep 30, 2010
im blogging about it too. once i have that polished up ill post up links. i want the company to try and defend itself. i hate them.
#3 fortcollins, Sep 30, 2010
I hope this helps someone! Looks like they used a butter knife to get it apart. That bezel is butchered.

Don't let them give you any lines about the difficulty of the work, I have had mine apart twice without a scratch.
#4 uniquenameEVO, Sep 30, 2010
Yikes! Thanks for the warning, this company will never get my money nor the money of anybody that asks my opinion.
#5 Crodley, Sep 30, 2010
So sorry for your issues. Best Wishes
#6 beano52, Sep 30, 2010
Sorry, I had to lol at this post. It's almost like you're giving your condolences over the loss of a relative.
#7 sEA, Sep 30, 2010
If you haven't already, you should try filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. My girlfriend was fighting with AT&T for almost three weeks over a huge phone bill (several hundred dollars) that was their error... they wouldn't budge. I wrote a really detailed complaint with the Better Business Bureau...within two days someone from "The Office of the President" of AT&T called my girlfriend and resolved the issue in her favor, admitting to the mistake that AT&T initially made (and then the mistakes that five different CSRs made in the three weeks of fighting with them over the bill).

Results may vary of course...but it never hurts to try. Good luck.
#8 aaz110, Oct 1, 2010
Looks like they are based in Europe. Good luck.
#9 jamesdean, Oct 1, 2010
I ended up getting a full refund finally. BBB is a great idea!
#10 fortcollins, Oct 1, 2010
Thanks for the info. I work for a wireless recycler and I repair and refurbish all sorts of PDA's and Smart Phones. I wont touch a device with out proper training.
Places like that really tick me off because they will undercut a company like mine only to have shotty work done or use sub standard parts and that makes the repair industry look bad as a whole.

I am thankfull you took the time to document the bad work and also let others know who the company is that did the bad work so they will soon hopefully go out of business or be shut down.
#11 IAmSixNine, Oct 1, 2010
wow that's horrible........when it comes to labor, cheaper is not always better. Thanks for sharing.
#12 shandroid, Oct 1, 2010
I agree with everyone on this thread that it's ridiculous that a company would charge you for the repair and then send you back something that looks like this.

I've seen this before on repaired Evo screens (the big "blob" under the screen after the repair). For those that want to do their own repair, you should be aware of this issue. The problem is that when you take the screen off, it usually removes the adhesive on the sides of the screen. If you don't replace that, the screen sits too close to the LCD, touches it, and creates that ugly spot. In addition, you'll end up getting a lot of dust under the screen.

In short, make sure to replace the adhesive on the left and right side if you want to prevent this from happening. If you're hiring someone to do it, make sure they replace the side adhesive.
#13 jetcitydevices, Oct 4, 2010
Beware of Read carefully the details of the product your buying like the
Zune 80GB hard drive I purchased. “Replace it with our brand new used replacement”

What’s a NEW USED? And it doesn’t work.
#14 douginski, May 8, 2011
OH yeah, brand new used. Thats a tough one.
It could be them covering their butts on a new device that was opend and maybe had been tested. Then technicaly its used but still kind of new. ahhahah
Or its a used device they just got in so to them its new inventory. :)

Where i work at we are very careful to word stuff correctly. We only call something new if it still has the factory seal on the box, or for those devices with out seals on the boxes, the phone must still be sealed in a bag.
Even if a phone was opened to turn it on to verify it worked that now goes into the used category for us.

I know a lot of companies that deal with used stuff get greedy and they try to slap new on anything they can to get more money.
That might be their way of saying its a new device but they just cant say new, so new used.
Thats just my guess though.
#15 IAmSixNine, May 9, 2011
Wow. So i wasn't the only one who has had a shitty experience with those people. I got shafted for $100 from them. Its a shame I'm too laid back.
#16 geewhiz, May 31, 2011
The op deleted his post. Can someone summarize what happened please?
#17 maluminse, Feb 13, 2012
No summary needed. Thread locked RU is a reputable and needed android service. Break your screen or phone? No insurance? You're out of luck... unless, that is.. unless you use RU as a resource. They're respected and I thank them for being there.

#18 Steven58, Apr 16, 2012