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Action movie fx

Action Movie FX for iPhone lets you blow everything up with your camera - SlashGear

for those wondering what hes taling about, also does anyone have an alternitive. its pretty fun to play with.
#2 bloodylipp, Dec 26, 2011
Its up to the developers but me frankly dont care because i have a android phone and a ipod touch 4g so i get the best of both worlds when it comes the games and apps on android and ios it very fun to play with :)
#3 chevanlol360, Dec 26, 2011
Good question. Will it?
#4 jonbar87, Dec 28, 2011
I have an ipod touch and this app would be awesome to have on my lg revolution
#5 kxhan15, Dec 30, 2011
I refuse to see the movie it is a promo for unless it is released for Android.
#6 dr g, Dec 30, 2011
PLEASE!!!!!! COME TO ANDROID (Action Movie Fx). You have to release this fast for android 2.0 to 4.0. Please, this app looks sick. Thanks.
#7 bhawanczak, Jan 9, 2012
What's wrong with you android.....Action Movie FX.....Get it on Android..show them how it's done.
#8 christo48, Jan 20, 2012
Any news about it? :}
#9 DanielDan, Jan 24, 2012
Add me on the petition.
#10 imazi643, Jan 27, 2012
Just out of curiosity, have nay of you contacted the developer and asked if it is coming to Android?
#11 OfTheDamned, Jan 28, 2012
So very disappointed in Android after seeing this app in action on IPhones of friends. This would definitely be a satisfier and perhaps keep me in the Android family. Action Movie fx is AWESOME!
#12 kp2722, Jan 31, 2012
Anyone know if this cool app will be available in the near future?

Thank you,
#13 SkidMarx, Jan 31, 2012
yes, I have emailed them and haven't ever heard anything back. maybe if we all bombard them with e mails we may get results, or at least a reply.
#14 kxhan15, Feb 2, 2012
I don't think bombarding anyone is a good idea. My suggestion would be to send them an email again. Possibly end them something on Twitter and/or Facebook as well if they have it. These more public forms of communication can be very effective since many others can see it. For Facebook, you could even post a link to the conversation you started.
#15 OfTheDamned, Feb 2, 2012
the right answer is ?
#16 texet, Feb 2, 2012

I've seen these amazing movies and I want this app on my Android!
#17 cryo, Feb 8, 2012
And my i want this apl. In my phone android thanks
#18 thmls, Feb 13, 2012
Has there been any news regarding whether or not this app will become availible to the Android market?:thinking:
#19 blinkyfish, Feb 20, 2012
Any update on this just seen it on my pals iphone and i want it for my S2
#20 thomas111, Feb 21, 2012
My. My sister has this app on her iPhone. It's good for about 5 minutes of fun but the novelty wears off pretty quickly.
#21 LucyCaboosey, Feb 21, 2012
Ok does anyone no or have heard any updates regarding
this app for our android phones
#22 thomas111, Mar 1, 2012
My friends had this app on there iPhones. Cool app, wish it would to google play app store.
#23 Sabresfan2630, Mar 17, 2012
The original app (Action Movie FX) is done by JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Interactive. (For those who don't know, Abrams did "Lost," "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," "Star Trek," and "Felicity.") A couple of friends of mine have it on their iPhones, and they love playing with it. I'm going to download the Ultimate Movie FX for my Cappy and see how well it works.

UPDATE: It's not listed in the mobile version of Google Play, and the developer's website has broken Javascript links, so it's not apparent whether they actually still support it or not (even though the Web Google Play site shows it was last updated in April of this year). Can't do it from where I am now, so I guess I'll have to do it from home later.
#25 falcon7204, May 22, 2012