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AirDroid alternative which can transfer files to SD

Does anyone know an alternative to AirDroid which can directly upload files from my computer and write it on my external SD card. This is causing me a lot of problems as AirDroid can read files and download them from my SD car to my computer but cannot upload them directly on my SD. Any help?


#1 hisup123, Jul 21, 2012
#2 hisup123, Jul 21, 2012
No one?
#3 hisup123, Jul 21, 2012
My Phone Explorer. You install the freeware program on your PC and the client on your device. I use it primarily for syncing, but you can easily upload files as well. It's how I get all of my MP3s onto my SD card.

#4 bruce73, Jul 21, 2012
Thanks a lot. Did my work.. But do you know any app which lets you do it from a browser? Without installing a program on your PC?
#5 hisup123, Jul 21, 2012
Just wondering why you just simply don't drag and drop your MP3's to you card there is no need for a app to do this,for me i just plug my unit into the comp and drop my MP3,s into the music folder and its done.
#6 justtom, Jul 21, 2012
What Justtom said. Drag n' drop is the easiest method of them all. It's just like connecting a flash drive to your PC.

Another method I've used for small files on the fly is the Bluetooth connector I have on my PC. Cost about $19 at Walmart.
#7 fightingirish, Jul 21, 2012
I know but the cable is not always handy wherever I am. And I think it's kind of cool doing it wirelessly
#8 hisup123, Jul 22, 2012
Yes. This is why I use MPE. It's more convenient for me to use Wifi.

Check this option out and see if it's what you want. I tried it before I started using MPE.
#9 bruce73, Jul 23, 2012