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Android robot laying down with a red triangle having an exlaimation mark.

Hello all!
Whenever i try to turn my android tablet on it displays android robot laying down with an exclaimation mark in a red triangle and dont let me proceed to its desktop .I dont know what has gone wrong. Please help me.I have a Onix TB-512 16G. i have also posted a picture showing this error



#1 Haris188, Mar 24, 2013
that is the default recovery did you try to root the device?
#2 argedion, Mar 24, 2013
#3 Haris188, Mar 24, 2013
Me too. I wanna root this sucker, but of course ya gotta boot into recovery to do it. Anyone?
#4 Mal5618, Jun 15, 2013
It's not the recovery I've seen it before whenever the device can't boot. If it were recovery i would have options like wipe device, reboot, and so on. This is the Android version of a BSoD and I suppose they took an old Apple crash screen and modified it (see Sad Mac) to poke fun. The color of the triangle is either red or yellow. Yellow means something crashed or the kernel panicked. Red normally indicates corrupted firmware, corrupted ROM or no operating system

I had two cheap tablets pull dead Android red triangle on me whenever I changed something I shouldn't have done when rooted and screwed it up into an unbootable state. Sometimes hitting the little reset hole and holding it until it turns off and then turn it back on can revive it, albeit in a wiped, out of box state if the factory recovery image exists.

Another more rare screen of death is ICS's "encryption unsuccessful" error whenever the filesystem is badly corrupted.

Normal recovery shows an Android robot standing up with a progress bar if the stock recovery is meant to restore without user input.
#5 nickdalzell, Jun 15, 2013
Thanks for this info. I've had similar issues and thought that it was just a normal recovery mode.
#6 AndroidFan911, Jun 16, 2013
there was a time (Android 1.x to around 2.x) where they were trying to cater to iOS users or at least attempting to get them to switch. some of the status bars of the time tried to mimic iOS's notification area as well. it is understandable they'd make a copy of the old Sad Mac icon (they also did this in Chrome, aka the 'Sad Tab'). as far as i know it's part of the bootloader. if the boot.img cannot find or cannot successfully complete the startup of an Android device for whatever reason (corrupted rooting, bad hack via root app, removing the wrong APK file like Android System, etc) the Dead Droid will display. from experience there are two different colors to the triangle which appears, one for recoverable (simply bad boot, booting with low battery, plugged in the wrong charger causing a random reboot and subsequent dump to the dead droid screen, etc) and another for unrecoverable. the red = bad. a factory reset is all that fixes it.

Now sometimes dead droid appears while recovery is factory resetting in the background and a simple power off and then back on will initiate a normal boot. normal recovery should look more like this:


Android screen of death:


Apple screen of death (classic):


Google Chrome:


Android Ice Cream Sandwich's additional screen of death mostly due to filesystem problems:

#7 nickdalzell, Jun 16, 2013
#8 AndroidFan911, Jun 16, 2013
#9 mikedt, Jun 17, 2013
Actually mikedt the screens of death are part of Android itself. However, you see them far more often in cheap tablets
#10 nickdalzell, Jun 17, 2013
Of course.

A few weeks ago I was looking at a new KIRF iPhone 5 from mall vendor in Shenzhen, and that kept on doing "The process android.....yadda, yadda, yadda" notifications.
#11 mikedt, Jun 17, 2013
My phone does that too if I got too many things going, can only fit so much into 256mb of RAM
#12 nickdalzell, Jun 17, 2013
That is the stock recovery for many android devices.

You get the options to wipe /factory reset by doing a button mash
#13 Rxpert83, Jun 17, 2013
Not in my case, it almost always shows if I crash the device or modify something I should not be modifying. It is then frozen at that screen, and the only button mashing that does work is holding down power for 10 seconds.
#14 nickdalzell, Jun 17, 2013