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Support any unbrick files for a bricked htc one SV?


i bricked my device trying to unlock the bootloader, and when i rebooted my phone all i get is no LED lights APART from when i plugged it in the computer or the wall socket, and if i leave the battery in for 5-10 seconds and take it out straght away it shows "QUALCOMM HS-USB QDLOADER 9008" in device manager, i am 1 step closer to unbrick it because the htc one SV has a snapdragon S4 plus MSM8960 chip i have to download MPRG8960.hex and ZTEMT tool studio (i will link them both below) but when i download the .hex file it says it failed, the reason why i made this thread up is because can someone guide me how to use it or if anyone is kind enough, link the right files down below (all i really need is the .hex file)

in the .zip file you will find a text document READ IT BEFORE YOU OPEN TOOL STUDIO it has the password to get in tool studio or if you are too lazy to read it the password is:

bason998@sina.con (its an n instead of an m)


#1 mattwhite43432, Aug 12, 2017