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Tips Best and/or Coolest Launchers for the M8?

I finally took the plunge and tried launchers for the 1st time, on my personal tablet and work phone. Now I'd like to put one on my M8. Looking for advice on the best ones for our phone. I put Nova on my work phone and it's nice. Looking for something a bit more cutting edge for the M8, something that folks will say "wow" when they see it. TIA.


#1 ella69, Apr 10, 2015
What kind of "wow" are you looking for. Eye candy? Features? both? Nova, which you already have is a pretty robust launcher with a lot of features if you get under the hood. You also have Apex, ADW...And then there are some others that are expensive, like Next Launcher 3D. You can try Next Launcher Lite first before spending (what I consider to be waaaaay to much for any app on android) $16.99

I removed Go Launcher based on the response below
#2 SolApathy, Apr 10, 2015 Last edited: Apr 10, 2015
Fwiw, I'm going to respectfully disagree and suggest staying away from Go products. You will be data mined, you will be spammed as a result - you just have to get the right mix of their apps - and they are mighty tempting.

This is pretty cool -

Check out "Yandex.Shell (Launcher+Dialer)"

As for prices - is what it is, the market bears what the market bares. ;)
#3 EarlyMon, Apr 10, 2015
I stopped using go long ago. Went to nova. Didn't know they started data mining. It should be a crime.
#4 SolApathy, Apr 10, 2015
seen the "Themes" app? what are you looking for from a launcher?
#5 rod9669, Apr 11, 2015
Thanks everyone. As a matter of fact, I downloaded Go on a free 7" Verizon tablet I just got. It's just ok, but i will be deleting it based on the above info.

@rod9669 - I noticed it was there yesterday but haven't done anything with it yet.

Thanks again folks. Love this forum.
#6 ella69, Apr 23, 2015
I prefer the google now launcher with it's pure lollipop animations and such. Honestly, I've got no issue with Sense 6 either but I don't use BlinkFeed much so why not have Google Now a quick swipe away to the left.
#7 mumfoau, Apr 27, 2015
ive used nova launcher since ice cream sandwich very fast and customizable
#8 kevindroid, Apr 27, 2015
@mumfoau - I recently loaded the Google Now launcher onto my GN 10.1 2014 tablet and I love it. Was sitting in Starbucks talking all things Android with the customer next to me and he showed me his on his GN 12.2 Pro.

As for my M8, I went with the Nova Launcher. I really liked it on my work cell, and so far it's been great on the HTC. Thanks again for the info guys, and if any new ones come out that people like, let me know.
#9 ella69, May 8, 2015