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Best email app which does POP3

Hello All,

Currently I use Maildroid on my S7, and K-9 Email on a T705 tablet.

Both work OK but both have little issues. Maildroid falls over with attachments over a few MB, and K-9 doesn't really work well on a phone screen.

I do need POP, not IMAP or gmail :)

Many thanks for any tips.



#1 peterh337, May 15, 2018
Aqua mail
#2 Dannydet, May 15, 2018
Thanks for that tip. It does look pretty good. I have emailed them regarding which POP authentication options they support... that's another gotcha with a lot of apps.
#3 peterh337, May 15, 2018

For POP3 the app supports:

SASL PLAIN (preferred, if server says it supports it, the CAPA command)

plain user name / password

APOP is not supported - too many mail servers advertise that it's
supported, but it does not actually work.
#4 peterh337, May 16, 2018