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Best SSH/Terminal App?

Im willing to pay, but what is the absolute BEST SSH/Terminal App.
Preferably that doesn't require you to Root your phone (im on an Droid 2 Global)


#1 MercenaryFH, Feb 21, 2011
Is this what you are looking for ConnectBot
#2 Rootmepls, Feb 21, 2011
ConnectBot is my personal favorite.
#3 Demache, Feb 21, 2011
I too use ConnectBot, but wish for another terminal app which lets you access keys like the vertical bar (|) and control-chars (especially tab) a bit more easily.

Maybe there's a programmer's (Android) keyboard out there which makes this easier. And I guess that I could use KeyPurr's user-definable function keys in some fashion.
#4 jae_63, Feb 21, 2011
I just came across the Hackers Keyboard, it seems to be full featured for a keyboard. I find it to be the best companion to connectbot.
#5 macide, Feb 14, 2012
Thanks, I'd forgotten about Hacker's Keyboard.

Now that I've switched to a phone with a hardware keyboard, I wish there was a version of ConnectBot (or some other terminal) to support it. There is VX ConnectBot, but it doesn't support my LG Optimus Slider. In general I guess it's non-trivial to handle multiple hardware keyboards, despite Google's attempt to make this generic. See, e.g.:

Keyboard | Android Developers
#6 jae_63, Feb 14, 2012
I use better terminal emulator pro, and better keyboard 8.
#7 pool_shark, Feb 15, 2012