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Can somebody tell me what these processes are for?

DRM Protected content storage
download manager
Media storage

I rarely play music on myphone, but i do have a few songs on my SD card. Using battery history it shows that MEDIA uses the most internet usage. Was wondering if its safe to put these on autokill and turn off in startup manager


#1 MDbandit, Jul 22, 2010

They are what they are.

DRM protected content storage is used for streaming music, radio, watching sprint tv, and a few other things. It creates a area where drm protected content can be stored.

Download manager is a program that manages your downloads, for the market, and for the browser.

media storage just sorts the media out on the sd card, it sends the tags to the proper places.

I would not auto kill them, but I also use the services. All of them might be need for the browser or programs that use the internet. Would not kill them.
#2 RiverOfIce, Jul 22, 2010