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Support can't connect to the camera

Yesterday I replace the charging flex of handset and then I found my camera and flash light not working.

Before both are working fine.
Now it shows error
" can't connect to the the camera please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or flashlight "

I search for this error on internet found little
Clear your camera cache data enable disabled app force stop in your app setting option.
But I search in setting apps every were but did not found this camera app.
Can anyone tale me where is this camera app present in all apps in setting.
Which is the application logo of this camera.
I found only flashlight logo in apps.
How I get my camera and flashlight working again from this error message.


#1 rushi1, Aug 7, 2017
Just install a different camera from the play store and see if it works.
Apparently your camera app is corrupted.
You could try factory reset.
#2 Dannydet, Aug 8, 2017
I tried to use another camera app says system camera not available.
Also I do factory reset more than a time nothing works.
Any other suggestions.
Also where to find this camera application in setting> all apps .
#3 rushi1, Aug 8, 2017
Well it sounds like a hardware issue then.
I'd return it
#4 Dannydet, Aug 8, 2017
When you say you changed the charging flex, do you mean this part?


My guess would be that when you had the phone open you either accidentally disconnected the camera module or you shorted something. You'll probably have to open it up again.
#5 lunatic59, Aug 8, 2017
I also think so it's hardware issue
Is is possible to do jumper to solve this.

And but before doing this I want to reset my camera like clearing cache data force stop app enable disable but no camera icon found in all apps.
Will you tale me where is this camera app in setting> all apps.
#6 rushi1, Aug 8, 2017
Yes I replace completely . new flex.
#7 rushi1, Aug 8, 2017
I don't think an app will help. Your camera (and flash) are not getting initialized which means Android can't find them at boot. The fact that Android is warning you about another app using the camera is a red herring. That's just a generic message when the camera is not available. For 90% of users who haven't opened the hardware, it would be an app conflict. You don't have one.
#8 lunatic59, Aug 8, 2017
Then any solution to do jumper

Also android optimization problems present. It takes more than 2 hours and then Android starting screen for more than half hour.
Is this occur due to changing flex..
#9 rushi1, Aug 8, 2017
Can't be sure, but I would suspect there's a problem with the installation. While the optimization and starting Android does take a while after a factory reset (it's gong to recompile all your installed apps) it shouldn't take that long. That old flex connector looks pretty gnarly. Why did you replace it in the first place? It looks like it was subjected to excessive current.
#10 lunatic59, Aug 8, 2017
Old flex charging female connector broken not possible to solder again in flex so I replace new flex.

And this android starting or optimization never happen before even after after formatting my phone just quick start.

now with the new update optimizing issue solved.
but camera issue is still present.
i try formatting then removing battery but problem is still prrsent.
#11 rushi1, Aug 8, 2017 Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
now with the new update optimizing issue solved.
but camera issue is still present.
i try formatting then removing battery but problem is still present.
#12 rushi1, Aug 12, 2017