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Support Changing wallpaper settings

Im just wondering if you can change the wallpaper settings, i took a really nice photo of my baby sister and when i go onto it and click Set As, it then brings up a yellow box outline which is landscape, i want the box to be portrait and also just on the 1 home screen instead of both, i dont know if i can do this but im just wondering.


#1 LLOYDY, Apr 3, 2011

Just goto gallery
Select the pic you need to edit
Press the options button (top left physical button on your phone)
Press options button again
Select edit
Press edit button
Select transform
Select rotate

I'm sure you can figure it out from there, but make sure you save the changes.
#2 XplosiV, Apr 3, 2011
As far as different wallpaper for different screens goes, I do know that the app, open home 6, and also launcher pro, have the option to stretch the one wallpaper over all your screens, however all this does means that each screen has a slightly different view of the same wallpaper pic, this can be disabled through both apps.
#3 XplosiV, Apr 3, 2011