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Chrome and Home button

Yeah, I don't remember that home button.

Google was testing that feature in limited scenarios way back in 2014 based on this. I'd think the testing would be complete by now and everyone changed on way out the other.

In your lg, can you customize where the home button takes you? (If it forced you to a page including carrier or oem links, that would be a clue that carrier/oem somehow played some role.. although Google apps are usually independent)

If you create new tab (not incognito), chrome brings up Google search page with bookmarks and recents (see attached). Maybe that's similar to what you might want in a home function?
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On my LG I can change my home button to anything , like a pc browser.

From what I have read, only some manufactures include this in the phone build prop per model.
But since this is a Google phone, using Google chrome, I would expect it to be there.

My gf's old phone, LG Stylo - didnt have it either.
#3 Sept1967, Mar 8, 2016