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Support Chrome download pending - will it ever stop?!?!

Hi / I'm new and have given up on reading all the existing posts to try and solve my issue. I have a "download pending" message on my Samsung s4 running 5.0.1 Chrome is trying to download a large pdf which it started a week ago. To try and cancel this and make it stop I have: gone into settings/apps manager/clear cache/ clear data on the download manager etc as several people have mentioned. Taken battery out, restarted etc. As soon as the phone stats chrome trys to start this pdf download again.

How on Earth do I get chrome to quit this?!?!?!?



#1 john000, Mar 14, 2017
Try clearing data on Chrome too..??
#2 bcrichster, Mar 14, 2017
Welcome and sorry to hear you are having issues. You have a few other things you can try... Open chrome, close all tabs, then uninstall chrome and look in your downloads- Do you see the file? If you do delete it. Either way after that reboot it into recovery and wipe the cache partition. restart the phone and download clean master from the play store. After that re-download chrome and see how it works.
#3 SolApathy, Mar 15, 2017
I couldn't remove chrome as that option is not available. However, i did close all my chrome tabs, delete history etc and switch off on again and this time there was an option to cancel the perpetual pdf download, so thanks very much for that! Cheers.
#4 john000, Mar 15, 2017
I have the same issue. A notification that says "www.google.nl, download pending".

What i tried so far didn't work:
* close chrome in the task switcher
* force close chrome in settings - apps (the notofication disappears but comes back a few seconds after opening chrome)
* deleting the cache of the chrome app
* restarting my phone
* deleting all downloaded files (my download overview is now empty)
#5 PizzaMannetje79, Apr 21, 2017
Fixed. What did the trick for me:
1. Go to settings - apps - chrome
2. Disable. You can't uninstall, but hitting disable will reset chrome to the version that came preinstalled on your phone. The notification is gone!
3. Open chrome
4. Select accept, yes, etc, sign in
5. Update chrome to the current version from the play store

Wiping the entire cache of your phone may also do the trick. In theory that should be harmless, but in practice I've had it cause lots of bugs and crashes.
#6 PizzaMannetje79, Apr 21, 2017
Just had the same bug. I just disabled Chrome notifications and re-enabled them and it was gone.. No need to clear or restore anything..
#7 tonydeli7, Apr 26, 2017
In my case, it went away but came back after a few seconds.
#8 irha73, May 16, 2017
You'll have to clear data in Chrome and maybe the download app. Settings>Apps>Chrome>Clear all Data. Don't worry, all your bookmarks and settings will sync from Google.
#9 Bg260, May 16, 2017
Hello! I too had the same problem with my Samsung device and I finally realized what caused it for me and it probably is causing it for you. As you know, Samsung devices have a battery saving mode. All I did was turned it off and it completely fixed the problem! I think because whenever you leave chrome, it doesn't download and goes to pending because to save battery. If you turn it off, I'm sure it would work. If it doesnt, then you should talk to a Samsung assistant.
#10 RovicMerginiooo, Oct 29, 2017
IT really works! I hope you reply if you have a chance
#11 RovicMerginiooo, Oct 29, 2017
#12 ANNDIGIRL, Jan 28, 2018
I found the solution below which was simple and worked great for me.
#13 ANNDIGIRL, Jan 28, 2018
Found this online and it was fast and simple!

) Turn off Wi-Fi
2) Swipe down to see the now paused download in the notifications.
3) Swipe right to clear the download.

Hope this helps.
#14 ANNDIGIRL, Jan 28, 2018
#15 ANNDIGIRL, Jan 28, 2018
Forgot to add that you then need to restart your phone. After I rebooted, turned Wi-Fi back on; the pending downloads were gone!
#16 ANNDIGIRL, Jan 28, 2018