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Chrysler 300 = Bentley Continental?!?

Why do almost all Chrysler 300 drivers act like they are pimp mack daddies driving in either a Bentley Continental and/or a Rolls Royce Phantom?

I'll admit, whoever at Chrysler thought up this vehicle is a marketing genius. Talk about reaching a massive market that was arguably scattered before. Who would have thought up a car that appeals to all the wannabe thug life, big pimp, gangsta, etc.... segment.

I'll be fair and say not EVERYONE who owns one is like this, but if you live in California I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I can post pics if needed. :)


#1 booser4, Oct 14, 2011
Really? I've mostly seen old men driving that car. No thugs there, that's for sure.
#2 DaSchmarotzer, Oct 14, 2011
A couple months ago when I was selling cars we actually had a 300 that someone traded in where they had changed out the logo on the front for the Bently logo. Plus they had chrome wheels, and a bunch of other crap. That car was such a joke!!!

Oh and I saw plenty of other crap, like Lamborghini doors on those cars, etc...
#3 chrlswltrs, Oct 15, 2011
I feel that anyone who tries to "pimp out" their ride needs to first realize if their car makes sense to do so in the first place or if it just screams "Im trying to be something that im not!" I've seen way too many cars with huge chrome rims, low springs, blackout tints, big spoilers and exhaust pipes, no mufflers, etc that just makes the car look silly. When you drive a Kia Optima, please keep it as a Kia Optima. When you drive a 300, please keep it a 300 and not pretend to be a super luxury car because no matter what you do to it... it'll always be a CHRYSLER.
#4 Vihzel, Oct 15, 2011
I've never had a problem with the "pimp my ride" crowd. Some of the stuff they do is pretty interesting. I don't really understand the stuff that makes the car noisier or less comfortable to ride in, but whatever floats your boat I guess. I do think the 300 is one of the best looking cars (current cars anyway) that Chrysler has ever built. Probably because it does resemble a Phantom or a Bentley though.

The people I really have a problem with are the soccer moms driving the SUVs the size of tractor trailers and that can't get into or out of a parking space without taking 15 minutes to do so. That is another topic for another thread though.
#5 OfTheDamned, Oct 15, 2011
I actually like the 300C.

I've seen a few here in England and they look absolutely amazing!! Personally I think the wheel size/body ratio of the car is perfect... I see cars the same size with tiny wheels that just don't look right, and the half height windows give it that old 'hot rod' look. When I see one I admire it.

I've never seen a pimp'd one on the street though, maybe some after market wheels but that's it.

Great car.
#6 Remeniz, Oct 15, 2011
its like this in the boston area too. about 7/10 300c's i see around here have over sized chrome rims, pitch black tint, half assed rattling sound systems, either all white or black.

none of them look good.
#7 gallandof, Oct 15, 2011
Trust me, you know that 300 is no bentley. It's not a bad looking car. The folks that put all the excessive chrome is what kills it and thats with any car. I do see a lot in california like op stated.
#8 Bnice, Oct 15, 2011
Lol I think the whole 300 series is but figgin' ugly. But that's just me.
#9 IOWA, Oct 15, 2011
Agreed! Kia Optima probably = Lamborghini to some folks. I generally don't like chrome anything. It's way too flashy for my taste.


All good points, however. I have also seen old people driving them. Usually old people go for the Cadillacs out here though, or the big old cars that look like freaking boats.
#10 booser4, Oct 15, 2011
My buddy has one and I think it looks pretty BA. Not my first choice of wheels, but I do like the black that he went with...

#11 JoePT, Oct 15, 2011
Its not nicknamed the "Baby Bentley" for nothin'. It IS strange that this one car appeals so much to both the hip hop and the geriatric crowds.
#12 Gmash, Oct 15, 2011
The car is what it is. Its the poor mans Bentley/Rolls clone.
#13 Dark Jedi, Oct 15, 2011
Hip hop crowd... Lol

What else can be said about them :rolleyes:
#14 chrlswltrs, Oct 16, 2011
Nothing that won't get me in trouble lol. ;)
#15 Gmash, Oct 16, 2011
Maybe rappers don't make as much money as they make you believe they do?
#16 Dark Jedi, Oct 16, 2011
your calling this ugly? :thinking:




#17 darklide, Oct 16, 2011
No he is calling the version before that with the flat front face ugly.
#18 Dark Jedi, Oct 16, 2011
The new version looks uglier to me.

I had the old one for about 6 months. It was a real head turner (in the UK). Rubbish car though. The interior was pretty nice but the build quality and the drive, especially the handling around corners, were appalling.
#19 Sak01, Oct 16, 2011
I never found the car to be ugly, just not for me. As for the hip hop comment, what that has to do with anything? I see ferrari,lamborghini and many other cars in the hip hop world. I don't think anyone with a substantial amount of money, is putting a Chrysler in their garage.
#20 Bnice, Oct 16, 2011
Yeah, that's pretty ugly.


^^ Now that is a thing of beauty.

And it looks like the new 300 is a poor mans Audi ripoff lol.
#21 IOWA, Oct 16, 2011
Eh the 300 is alright. Some people like it, others don't. I'm on the don't like it team, but that ain't my problem. One car cannot suit everyone's needs, that's why Buicks are for older generations, because they are smooth and big, right? For the new family, that's what the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are for. Cheap and reliable.

IOWA, the Mustang is beautiful, but I'm more of a Camaro fan. I like the white 3rd gens, but I'd take any as long as it has more than 6 cylinders.

#22 Mada, Oct 16, 2011
The only camaros I liked was the I-ROCs
#23 IOWA, Oct 16, 2011
Wrong the 300 costs about the same as an Audi.
#24 darklide, Oct 16, 2011
Lol no?

2012 Audi A7

Only a ~ $25,000 difference... and that's without any extras btw.

The MSRP on the 2012 Chrylser 300 starts at ~$26,000


And don't even go comparing the A3 or A4 to the 300. They aren't in the same class.
#25 IOWA, Oct 16, 2011