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General Clear Credentials is grayed out

I just updated to Marshmallow.
Now, when I have to swipe to unlock the screen and then it gives me the pin pad.
This is annoying.

I read somewhere that if I go to clear credentials, that might solve the issue, except it's grayed out.
I turned off all device administrators (Airwatch and the agent for airwatch were both turned on. I have to use Airwatch for my work email).

Any ideas about why it's grayed out?

S6, Tmobile


#1 rubyfruitradio, May 3, 2016
In marshmallow, to improve phone security, you will need to use the pin pad every single time you restart the phone. Once the phone has been restarted and the pin entered, following lock screens will accept fingerprints etc. etc. till the next restart. No way to change that and maintain security on the phone.
#2 Snakeyeskm, May 4, 2016

No, that's not my issue. On my home screen, I get a little thing that says swipe screen to unlock and then it takes me to the thing to unlock the phone (in this case a pin, but I did change it to a pattern to see if that made the swipe thing go away). I want the swipe thing to go away and only have the screen to enter my pin or pattern like before. In trying to figure out how to make that go away, I found out that my clear credentials box is grayed out and I can't do that.

If I wanted to swipe and then go to the actual unlock function on my phone, I would have an iphone.
#3 rubyfruitradio, May 4, 2016
Are you talking about the "look" of your lockscreen? If this is a cosmetic issue, you don't have much choice but just deal with it. There are mods that could clear that text field but require root. That "Clear credentials" is for certificates (extra security for some wifi networks) you saved on your own and its grayed out because you have none.
#4 Incakola, May 4, 2016