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General Coming August 23rd... Pre-orders September 1st!


It's looking great and it's gonna be a beast!

The Unpacked Event in New York is scheduled to start at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time. The livestream is expected to be available on Samsung's YouTube Channel here:

What do you think about it? The fingerprint scanner has more distance from the camera now, and that screen! I look forward to running Apollo 11 in the Gear VR with this phone!


#1 The_Chief, Jul 24, 2017
I'll be missing work. I always miss it.
#2 kokiangel, Jul 24, 2017
Koki, can you not stream it?

If they won't let you stream it on your work computer, tell them boss you have diarrhea and sit in a stall for an hour watching it on your phone...
#3 The_Chief, Jul 25, 2017
Costs to much... Over a grand? Seriously???
#4 dontpanicbobby, Jul 25, 2017
Too expensive, i just can't justify spending the equivalent of $1300 on a phone, and no carrier subsidy available. Samsung are really trying to play the luxury game now.
#5 mikedt, Jul 25, 2017 Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
Very Excited!!!!
#6 major2112, Jul 25, 2017
Not at that time of day. I work back office at a bank and at that time we are right in the middle of morning deadlines and phone calls from panicked branch managers/ head tellers who have made errors and need help and. I'll be a busy bee.
#7 kokiangel, Jul 25, 2017
Oh, throw the voice mail on! It's only your customers' money, for crying out loud... we're talking about the NOTE 8 here!

#8 The_Chief, Jul 26, 2017
Still kinda pissed about the FP reader on the back, but I'll damn sure be getting this phone. Had the S7 Edge since I returned my second Note7, and I can't stand it. I want my Note!!! I hope the battery lasts. DIdn't have the Note7 long enough to know, and the S7 Edge sucks. I am easily down to somewhere in the 30 percentile after about 12 hours unplugged with what I consider low-moderate usage.
#9 TrueFangz, Jul 26, 2017
Yeah, Chief. I didn't need that job. :p
#10 kokiangel, Jul 26, 2017
@TrueFangz It's important to remember that the Note 8 is sporting the Snapdragon 835 SoC (or Exynos 8890, depending on location), which is manufactured using a 10nm process. These chips pack 10,000 transistors into a space the width of a single human hair. The closer together the transistors are, the less energy is required to push electrons through the circuits. This generation of SoCs have around 45% more processing power, but with almost 30% less energy consumption. Based on this alone, I expect the Note 8 to last longer than the Note 7... even with a lower-capacity battery. That doesn't even consider any additional energy-saving firmware features.

Now they've announced that the 7nm process has been perfected for mass production! We're getting awfully close to molecular transistors and quantum computing!

#11 The_Chief, Jul 27, 2017
I was concerned about this before I got the S8+, but it's nowhere near as big an issue as it was made out or as you'd expect it to be. It takes about a day and a half for muscle memory to kick in and you're hitting it bang on nearly every time.
#12 El Presidente, Jul 27, 2017
Thanks for the reassurance Chief and Presidente! Hoping this thing will be everything we're hoping and dreaming of!
#13 TrueFangz, Jul 28, 2017

According to a Samsung web page that has since been removed, pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 will begin Friday, August 25! I don't know about you folks, but I'll probably be up at midnight waiting for pre-orders to go live!*

Pre-orders generally ship first-come-first-served, so the earlier you order, the faster you'll get your Note 8. And you definitely want to be on the shipping list if demand exceeds supply!

27 days to go!

* - Being up at midnight, at my age, will likely require two 5-hour energy shots and 3 Monster drinks. I vaguely remember just getting warmed up at midnight... now I'm getting up to pee at midnight!

#14 The_Chief, Jul 28, 2017
Considering I will be getting up four hours later to go to work midnight is definitely late for me. Guess I will take a nap and set my alarm.
#15 kokiangel, Jul 28, 2017
Will this have the iris scanner? I don't recall reading it anywhere.
#16 major2112, Aug 1, 2017
I wont purchase note 8 after spending 900 for s8 plus. i added a active stylus electronic to device and closest i will come to note 8. had 2 recalled note 7s already. learned my lesson.
#17 BAYFISHER, Aug 1, 2017
Not trying to be rude or anything, but why post in the Note 8 forums if you're not interested, and don't have positive opinions?
#18 TrueFangz, Aug 1, 2017
its my view thank you im use to it.
#19 BAYFISHER, Aug 1, 2017
pm me next time. rather than i face embarrassment in public view.
#20 BAYFISHER, Aug 1, 2017
Like I said, I'm not trying to be rude, and I mean no offense, and if I embarrassed you over the internet, please accept my apologies. I just saw that you've posted several negative opinions about this phone. It's your opinion and I respect that, but the majority of people in this forum will be pro Note 8, so this may not be a popular place to bash it. You have an S8 and are happy with it. That's great, stick with it! Not everyone getting the Note 8 are coming from an S8.
#21 TrueFangz, Aug 1, 2017
#22 BAYFISHER, Aug 1, 2017
i am allowed my opinion. strike it if it suits you.
#23 BAYFISHER, Aug 1, 2017
ALL opinions are welcome... point and counterpoint. I would much rather debate the advantages and disadvantages of a device than become some fanboy echo chamber. At Android Forums, we are free to discuss products and procedures: we never engage in personal attacks. On with the thread...

I have: not only is the Note 8 expected to have the usual features like the Iris Scanner, but I'm pretty sure that Samsung has reserved a few tricks up its sleeve. I'm reading chatter about 3D photos (even though 3D is pretty much dead and gone)... the good news is that we only have to wait three more weeks!

Now excuse me while I scrounge around the sofa cushions for change... after buying the Note 8, I'll need every penny to afford the case!

#24 The_Chief, Aug 1, 2017
Thanks for the info Chief!

Kinda off the topic but have you watched any 3D movies in VR? Pretty great experience! The Xmen Apocalypse was awesome in 3dVR.

I actually had the HTC EVO 3D phone...That was so sweet but yes, there was nothing to really utilize the 3D except to stare at it or show it to others.
#25 major2112, Aug 2, 2017